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David Blackall

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Media Recognition
1/1/2016 - 1/4/2016
Cited in "Busting the boiler room", March 28, 2016, by Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald Europe Correspondent:

Current Positions:

Senior Lecturer, School of The Arts, English and Media.

PhD, MA (jour), Dip Ed, BSc (Agric)


David Blackall's research is a blend of filmmaking, investigative journalism and traditional academic publication. Recently though, he has taken a renewed interest in science education after biologist and University of Wollongong academic Dr Katarina Mikac began conducting ecological research with her Masters of Science students at 'Nadjunuga', David Blackall's Wildlife Refuge. His collaboration with various organisations, like the Australian Lawyers Alliance, in the process of investigating fraud - has produced publications like the ABC 7.30 story "Leaked documents create tension around Trio collapse" (broadcast April 2013). This arose from his community outreach to many Wollongong people who lost their life savings.

Research Interests:

Documentary filmmaking, cinematography, and networked-community investigative journalism.

Ecological science and its pedagogy, conducted at `Nadjunuga¿ Wildlife Refuge, a University of Wollongong science research field station:

Recent supervision of research theses in the Master of Arts (Journalism) and the Master of Philosophy, reflects research capabilities and interests.
Dupont, Stephen (2015) Afghanistan Diaries 1993 - 2012

Mayer, Karin (2014) Voices: transmitting fact through medium to lived experience: a multimedia exhibition on freedom of expression in Iraq.

Murray, Anne (2013) Finding the Fourth Estate: reporting beyond the wire.

Robinson, Gareth. (2010) Media, marketing and the dole cruisers.

McLaren, Nick,(2010) Black power, ASIO and media framing of the 1972 Aboriginal Tent Embassy: for film development, Master of Arts - Research thesis, University of Wollongong. School of Journalism and Creative Writing, University of Wollongong,

Bohane, Ben, (2007) Blackfella armies - kastom and conflict in contemporary Melanesia 1994 - 2007, M.A. thesis, Journalism and Creative Writing, University of Wollongong.

Doctor of Philosophy:

Poespodihardjo, Ari Santoso (2007) Sensationalism or nationalism?: Australian and Indonesian newspapers reports on East Timor crisis in 1999. Doctor of Philosophy. Journalism and Creative Writing, University of Wollongong.

Professional Activities:

Investigative journalism and film-making, in outreach to the community group, Victims of Financial Fraud (VOFF).

Working through disclosure and publication to expand knowledge on the Trio fraud, thus assisting in defining the role of government regulation within Australia so that such massive international fraud may be prevented from reoccurring.

Our current focus on freedom of information (FOI)[i], seeks information on the largest fraud in Australian superannuation history, according to the Australian Crime Commission. The collapse of the Trio Capital Group (Trio), [ii] raises concerns about the regulators, ASIC and APRA, as government regulation aspires to what ANU professor of law, John Braithwaite, calls the `democratic ideal, incorporating notions of deliberative democracy and restorative justice.

[i] Federal, state and territory legislation includes FOI: Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth); Freedom of Information Act 1989 (ACT); Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW); Information Act 2003 (NT); Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld); Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA); Right to Information Act 2009 (Tas); Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic); and Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA).
[ii] Australian Crime Commission, Fraud, July 2013, (ACC Report) at page 4. Available at

Working with Master of Science students in fieldwork at Nadjunuga Wildlife Refuge, on the South-East coast of Australia, which is managed for the purposes of conservation, BioBanking, carbon sinking, educational research and recreational purposes.


Short documentary, Lost Innocents of Kashmir, selected and screened in Culture Unplugged online film festival:

Also screened in a range of other important festivals:

2011 World Premier: Raindance Film Festival, London.
2011 North American Premier: Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM).
2012 Kashmir in Poetry Festival, Genova.
2012 Genoa, with Naseem Shafaie's poetry.
2013 IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria.

Future Research Topics:

Gathering a team for potential ARC Linkage: the Australian Lawyers Alliance, the CPA Australia, and two (other) Australian universities.

Investigating fraud using FOI applications.

Currently writing "Government regulators and the public¿s right to know" - David Blackall, Jolyon Sykes, John Telford and Clifton Baker for the Australian Lawyers Alliance journal, 'Precedent'.

The impact on society from fraud is under-reported and poorly investigated. As Clinton Free and Pamela Murphy show in their research: 'it is frequently observed that fraud has a greater economic impact on society than any other category of crime'.