Engineering and Information Sciences


Chao Zhang

Esteem Factors

Honorary Position/Residency

Guest Professor, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2002----)
Honorary Professor, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (2013--)
Guest Professor, Tianjin University (2006--)
Guest Professor, Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2006--)
Guest Professor, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Fine Machineries, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2006--)

Current Positions:

Professor, School of Physics


PhD, (1987), MPhil (1985), City University of New York, USA

Research Interests:

*Electronic and transport properties of graphene, carbon nanotubes, and nanoribbons
*Optical properties and transport phenomena in low dimensional electronic structures and nanometer structures, including linear and nonliear transport, Raman scattering, optical absorption and reflection, cyclotron resonance, electron energy losses.
*Terahertz optoelectronics, linear and nonlinear response of electronic systems under intense terahertz radiation, free carrier absorption, plasmon excitation.
*Phonon emission in low dimensional systems, ultrasound and hypersound in electronic systems with lateral confinement.
*Manybody problems, correlation and exchange effects, collective excitations in electron liquid with application to high temperature superconductors.
*Quantum transport in nanosystems, including magneto-phonon-photon resonance and acoustic phonon generation in quantum wires, thermionic emission in semiconductor nanostructures
*Resonant tunneling in double barrier structures, single electron tunneling in NNN and NSN structures.
*Theory of quantum diffusion, tunneling and coherence in insulators and superconductors, including the effect of dissipation on tunneling.
*Dynamics in spintronics systems, current and density response at zero and finite frequencies.
*Kinetic theorem of classical plasmas and mechanism of instability in quantum plasmas.

Publication summary:
200 career publications, including,
9 papers in Physical Review Letters
43 papers in Physical Review
30 papers in Applied Physics Letters


Recent Research Grants:

1. Australian Research Council Discovery (Lead CI)
Coherent, tuned terahertz photons from nonlinear processes in graphene
2016-2018, $395,000

2. Australian Research Council Discovery (Lead CI)
Novel terahertz photonics and plasmonics in high mobility low-dimensional systems
2014-2016, $410,000

3. Australian Research Council Discovery (2nd CI)
Electron and spin transport in topological insulators
2013-2015, $410,000

4. Australian Research Council Linkage Project (3nd CI)
New generation high efficiency thermoelectric materials and modules for waste heat recovery in steelworks
2012-2015, $400,000

5. Australian Research Council Discovery (Lead CI)
Novel graphene nanostructures: modelling, synthesis, fabrication and characterisation
2008-2010, $450,000

6. DIISR International Science Linkage (Project manager)
High performance nanomaterials for thermionic and thermoelectric applications
2008-2011, $292,500

7. ARC Linkage Project (Lead CI)
Novel methods for enhancing room temperature figure of merit of thermoelectric/thermionic materials for refrigeration applications
2008-2010, $247,000

8. ARC Linkage International (Lead CI)
Design and creation of nanomechanical architectures from folding of ultra thin bi-layer films
2008, $117,972

9. Department of Education, Science and Technology (Project manager)
Development of terahertz emitters based on electronic and hybrid spintronic materials
2007-2009, $50,000

10. ARC Discovery (2nd CI)
First principles for development of novel hybrid electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems
2007-2011, $900,000

Future Research Topics:

Dynamics of spintronics systems
Transport and photoresponse of graphene and carbon nanotubes
Nonlinear electronic properties in terahertz region
Thermionics and thermoelectrics in nanostructures

Research Students

  • James Archer : Developing High Spatial-Resolution Fibre-Optic Dosimeter
  • Jie Tian : Exploring the Nonlinear Effect of Conductivity in Superconductor under Terahertz Field
  • My Hanh Tran : Typical Features of some New Particles in Extended Standard Model
  • Jack Zuber : Conductivity of Incommensurate Gapped Graphene-Topological Insulator Heterostructures.
  • Sunchao Huang : Exploring the potential applications of topological materials in terahertz photonics