Engineering and Information Sciences


Zaiping Guo

Current Positions:

Professor, ARC Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Fellow,

School of Mechanical, Materials, and Mechatronic Engineering
Institute for Superconducting & Electronic Materials
Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Zaiping Guo was awarded her PhD degree in Materials Science from the University of Wollongong in December 2003. She has made significant achievements in winning research grants from the ARC and commercial projects from industry. As the supervisor of 1 Postdoctoral Fellow, 8 PhD students, and 3 visiting Fellows, she is targeting their work on practical applications of various nanomaterials as electrode materials for lithium ion batteries and other energy storage or conversion technologies. she is particularly interested in ways to improve the performance and cycle life of these nanomaterials, identifying the specific physical and chemical properties that can be put to a particular practical use.

Dr. Guo has been involved with Electrochemistry, nanotechnology and materials science since 1993 and has extensive knowledge and experience in material preparation, physical and structural characterisation and electrochemical testing and modelling. She has established a research program in nanomaterials for different applications, such as lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen storage and fuel cells. Substantial research work has been done under her supervision on the synthesis of nanomaterials, properties characterization and testing, and investigation of the reaction mechanism of nanomaterials electrodes. For example, by combining nano-composition preparation, surface modification and/or element substitution techniques, she has significantly improved the electrochemical capacity and cycling stability of a number of electrode materials for lithium ion batteries. Through more than 10 years of intensive research at the University of Wollongong, a set of technologies has been well established.

Research Interests:

Dr. Z.P. Guo's research interests include:

1. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and rechargeable Lithium polymer battery technology.
2. Hydrogen storage materials.
3. Ionic conductive polymer for advanced Lithium polymer batteries.
4. Thin-film manufacturing technology and Thin-film Lithium-ion batteries.
5. Electrochemistry characterisation and computer modeling.
6. Nanocrystalline materials and nano technology.
7. Structural and functional ceramic materials.
8. Fuel cells

Professional Activities:

(i) Tianshan Scholar, Xinjiang University, 2009-2011

(i) Visiting professor, East China University of Science and Technology, 11/2008-12/2008
(ii)Invited Visiting Professor, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea, 04/2008-07/2008
(iii) Visiting professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University, 11/2009-12/2009

JOURNAL REVIEWER for more than 30 international journals


Research Funding obtained in the past five years.

1. Z.P. Guo, Z.X. Chen, JR. Dahn, J. Chen, ¿New directions to miniature batteries: all-solid-state integrated batteries¿, ARC Discovery Project, QEII fellowship (2010-2014), AU$700,000.
2. Z.P. Guo, "Lithium carbonate as raw materials for lithium ion phosphate fabrication", Commercial Research project, Galaxy Resources Limited, Au$28,855 (2010)
3. Z.P. Guo, ¿Controlled synthesis of novel seminconductor nanostructures for high efficiency gas sensor applications¿, URC Near Miss Grant (2011), Au$12,000.
4. Z.P. Guo, HK Liu; CD Cook; H Zhu; D Wexler; XJ Zhu, ¿Development of advanced lithium ion battery and battery management system for electric/hybrid electric vehicle applications¿, ARC Linkage project, AU$240,000(2009-2012)+Industry matching funding (AU$120,000).
5. Dr Sean S Li, Prof Martin A Green, Dr Rongkun Zheng, Dr Maxim Avdeev, Prof Qipeng Guo, Prof Janusz Nowotny, Prof Charles C Sorrell, Dr Leigh R Sheppard, Dr Run Y Yang, Dr Dehong Yu, Prof Yong Zhao, Prof Chao Zhang, Dr Zai P Guo, A/Prof Andrew J Ruys, Prof Veena Sahajwalla ¿Facilities of thermophysical characterisations at nanometre scale for development of advanced materials, energy technologies and biomedical components¿, ARC LIEF Grant (LE100100116 ), $350,000
6. Z.P. Guo, ¿Estimation of the state of charge of large-scale lithium ion batteries¿, Commercial Research project, Redarc Electronics, Au$50,000 (2009).
7. Z.P. Guo, ¿Exploration of novel highly effective electrocatalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells¿, URC small grant, Au$14,000 (2009).
8. Z.P. Guo, ¿Charge transfer mechanism in 3-dimensional pore-solid nanoarchitectures for electrochemical systems¿, ARC Discovery Project (2008-2010), Aus$300,000.
9. Z.P. Guo, H.K. Liu, P.H. Notten, J. Chen, A. Zuettel, ¿New concepts with multidisciplinary approach: novel functionalised nanostructures for hydrogen storage¿, ARC Discovery Project (2007-2009), Aus$300,000.
10. Z.P. Guo, H.K. Liu, J.Z. Wang, K.K Konstantinov, M Forsyth ¿Miniature lithium ion battery for implantable medical device applications¿, ARC Linkage Project (2007-2009), AUS$310,000. (Industry Matching amount: AU$120,000).
11. E Pereloma; MR Barnett; HK Liu; PD Hodgson; AI Minett; ¿ZP Guo; AA Gazder; DJ Phelan; BF Rolfe, ¿Dynamic Texture Measurement Facility¿, ARC LIEF grant (LE0989492), $ 350,000 (2009).
12. KA Tieu; GM Spinks; HR Brown; E Pereloma; PK Yarlagadda; ¿ZP Guo; KK Konstantinov; DJ Hargreaves, ¿A Universal Nano Tribometer for Surface and Thin Film Characterisation¿, ARC LIEF grant (LE0989804), $150,000 (2009).
13. Z.P. Guo, S.X. Dou, ¿Optimization of the Neural Network for state of charge estimation of the lead-acid batteries¿, Commercial Research Project (2008), AU$125,000.
14. S.X. Dou, L. Wang, S.J. Campbell, R. Zheng, X.L. Wang¿¿Z.P. Guo, E. Pereloma, D. Wexler, S. Zhou, D. Li, R.J. Dippenaar, ¿High field magnet for materials characterization and processing¿, ARC Linkage Infrastructure Grants (2008), Au$340,000.
15. SS Li, C. Zhang, M.J. Hoffman¿¿Z.P. Guo, J. Horvat, M.R. Phillips, R.Y. Yang, R. Zheng, Y. Liu, ¿Vacuum ultraviolet spectrophotometer and rapid photoluminescence mapping system for development of advanced materials and biosystems¿, ARC Linkage Infrastructure Grants (2008), Au$300,000.
16. SS Li; PA Walls; HK Liu; MJ Hoffman; M Ferry; CC Sorrell; AV Pan; O Ostrovski; PR Munroe; GS Srzednicki; Y Liu; B Ben-Nissan; TQ Pham; GL Heness; ZP Guo; ER Vance; Z Chen , ¿Laser Flash Thermophysical Properties Analyzer for the Development of Advanced Materials, Food Processing Technologies and Biomedical Components¿, ARC Linkage Infrastructure Grants (2007), Au$300,000.
17. Z.P. Guo, H.K. Liu, ¿Smarter battery charger¿, Commercial Research Project with Redarc Electronics (2007), Au$185,000.
18. Z.P. Guo, ¿MnO2 nanobox as cathode materials for Zn/MnO2 batteries¿, Commercial Research Project with UniQuest (2007), Au$3,000.
19. H.K. Liu, Z.P. Guo (APD Fellow), J.Y. Lee, P.H. Notten, A. Zuettel, ¿Hydrogen storage materials for energy conversion application¿, ARC Discovery Project, AU$255,000 (2004-2006).
20. Z.P. Guo, ¿Novel electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells¿, 2007 URC Near Miss Grant, Au$10,000 (2007).
21. Z.P. Guo et al., Development of novel polyoxometalate-based catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, 2006 URC Near Miss Grant, University of Wollongong, AU$ 10,000.(2006)
22. Y. L. Xu, H.K. Liu, Z.P. Guo, ¿Development of nano-lithium ion batteries¿, Shanghai Nano-Science Grant, reference number 0852nm02300, RMB 500,000 (01/10/2008-30/09/2010).
23. Y.L. Xu, C.J. Zhao, Z.P. Guo, Green cathode materials for lithium ion batteries for electric vehicle/hybrid electric vehicle¿, Shanghai International Linkage Grant, RMB 250,000, reference number 08230705600 (01/10/2008-30/09/2010).

Future Research Topics:

Nanomaterials for gas sensors and supercapacitors.

Research Students

  • Sailin Liu : Exploring and Designing Better Nano-Structured Electrode Anode Materials for High Performance Sodium Ion Batteries
  • Zhijie Wang : Development of Advanced Electrode Materials for Potassium-Ion Batteries
  • Fuhua Yang : Nano-Structured Carbon Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries
  • Wenchao Zhang : Sn-Based Composite As Anode Materials For Metal-Ion Batteries
  • Zhibin Wu : Embedding Sb Nanosheets in Graphene with Tunable Architectures for Enhanced Sodium and Potassium Storage
  • Gemeng Liang : High-voltage cathode materials and their mechanistic behavior in lithium-ion batteries
  • Junnan Hao : MoO2-MoO3/Graphene as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
  • Yajie Liu : Advanced materials for high-performance li-ion and k-ion batteries
  • Jing Cuan : Nano Porous Particles Mediate for Efficient Hydrogen Release and Sustainable Hydrogen Storage of BN-based Hydride
  • Yuqin Huang : Sodium Aluminum Hydride For Enhanced Hydrogen and Storage
  • Jian Hong : Synthesis of C-B-N compounds for hydrogen Storage
  • Qining Fan : Development of novel 3D hybrid catalyst materials toward efficient conversion of energy
  • Hong Gao : Hierarchical nanostructured composites for sodium / lithium battery anodes
  • Yang Zheng : Ultrathin two-dimensional metal oxides for advanced electrochemical energy storage
  • Qing Zhang : High rate and long life performance bismuth/reduced grapheme oxide compound anode for potassium ion battery