Engineering and Information Sciences


Peter Metcalfe

Research Students

  • Lauren Bell : The Impact of Tumour Volume Uncertainty on the Accuracy of Radiation Therapy for Cancer Patients
  • Jarryd Buckley : Patient Rotation in MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy: Development of Enabling Technology
  • Trent Causer : Study of Dosimetry and Magnetic Fields From MRI Linac's
  • Owen Brace : Advanced In-Vivo Dose Verification with Silicon Diode Array and EPID Co-Registration
  • Madiha Tai : Ion Chamber Response in Magnetic Field Coupled with Electric Field for Radiotherapy Application
  • Meng Cai : Adaptive Re-Planning and Treatment Response Prediction Based on Density Change in Early Treatment Fractions
  • Rashmi Nigam : Development of Auto-Segmentation Techniques using PET/CT Images and Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Protocols for Bone Metastases
  • Elizabeth Patterson : Skin Dose Enhancement from an Inline MRI-Linac: Dosimetry with MOSkin and Dose Magnifying Glass
  • Zakiya Al-Rahbi : Radiotherapy to Breast - Development of Dosimetrc Models for Assessment of Radiation Doses to Critical Structures.
  • Sultan Alhujaili : Pre-treatment and in-vivo dosimetric verification in Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy using silicon detectors