Engineering and Information Sciences


Peter Arnold

Current Positions:

Emeritus Professor


1958 - 1962 Cadet Engineer, Australian Iron and Steel Pty Ltd, Port Kembla.
1962 - 1998 Academic Staff, Dept. of Mechanical Engng, University of Wollongong
1981 - 1991 Acting Chairman, Chairman or Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
1985 - 1991 Professor of Mechanical Engineering
1991 - 1997 Professor of Materials Handling and Processing
1997 - 1998 Professor of Bulk Solids Handling

Research Interests:

RESEARCH INTERESTS Current research relates to the storage, flow and conveying of bulk solid materials. Special interest concerned with measurement of flow properties of bulk solids, design of gravity storage bins and bottom reclaim systems, feeder design especially screw and belt feeders, chute design, storage and handling of fine powders, pneumatic conveying especially in relation to long distance, low velocity and other special applications. Over 150 papers have been written for journals, conferences and courses.

CONSULTANCIES Since 1970 have been an active consultant in the areas of research interests. More than 300 consultancies for over 150 different external bodies have been undertaken. These consultancies have taken the results of the bulk solids research and applied them to the solution of industrial storage, feeding and handling problems in a wide range of industries including the agricultural, mining, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Professional Activities:

1998 - 2000 Inaugural Chairman, Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling (a Technical Society of the Institution of Engineers, Australia).
1995 - 2001 Associate Director, Centre for Bulk Solids and Particulate Technologies (a Key Centre established and supported by the Australian Research Council's Research Centres Program and shared with The University of Newcastle)
1986 - 2001 Director, ITC Bulk Materials Handling, Illawarra Technology Corporation Ltd (University of Wollongong)
1981- 1988 Founding Member and Deputy Chairman, National Committee on Bulk Materials Handling, Institution of Engineers, Australia.


"1982 Awarded the George Julius Medal (with AW Roberts and AG McLean) for the paper 'The Design of Gravity Storage Systems for Bulk Solids'. Mech. Eng. Trans, IEAust, Vol ME7, No 3, 1982, pp 152-157. The award is made annually by the Mechanical College Board, IEAust, for the paper in the Transactions judged to be the most outstanding in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering during the previous twelve months.
"1987 Again shared the George Julius Medal (with BA Moore) for the paper 'Graphical Determination of Mass Flow Hopper Geometry Parameters'. Mech Eng Trans, IEAust, Vol ME 12, No 3, 1987, pp 159-166.
"DSc (UoW) for contribution to the science and technology of bulk solids handling (1991).
"Elected to the Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (1993).
"1994 Awarded inaugural Australian Coal Association ACARP Award for Excellence in Research in the Coal Utilisation Category for the project 'Development of Handling Techniques for Injection of Coal into Boilers' - shared with PW Wypych.
"Made a Life Member, Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling (1998).
"2001 Awarded the Bulk Solids Handling Award for 2001 from the Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling, Institution of Engineers, Australia.
"2003 Awarded a Centenary Medal for services to Mechanical Engineering.