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Jerry Ongerth

Esteem Factors

1968 - 2008
Visiting Fellow, Chadwick Public Health Engineering Laboratory, University College London, Science and Engineering Research Council, London, England.
AWWA, Water Quality Division Best Paper Awards for:
"Giardia & Cryptosporidium Removal by...Filtration" JAWWA 87(9):96-106 (1996).
"Evaluation of Treatment for Removing Giardia Cysts." JAWWA 82: 85-96 (1990).
National Association of Counties "County Point of Light" for Service to King County as Chair of the Cedar Hills Citizens Review Committee 1986-95. Awarded, 9.14.91
Diplomat, American Academy of Environmental Engineers, Certified March, 1988.
Chi Epsilon, Civil Engineering Honorary Society
Doctoral Student Traineeship, National Science Foundation, 1968-1972

Key Note Address/Invited Presentation
Research and Planning for Control of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Public Water Supplies. Invited Presentation to: Cryptosporidium Research Planning Group, Drinking Water Inspectorate, Department of the Environment, England. November 10, 1992

Public Water Supply Aspects of Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Invited presentation. University of California, Department of Civil Engineering, Berkeley, April 15, 1991.

Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Water--Occurrence, Significance, and Control. Invited Seminar and Project Planning, Israel Ministry of Health, Israel Water Commission, Mekoroth Water Commission, Tel Aviv, Israel, 12/2/92

Detection and Significance of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Sources of Public Water Supply, Invited Seminar, Melbourne Water Board and Victoria State Health Department, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. August 24, 1993.

Occurrence and Control of Protozoan Parasites in Water, Public Health Engineering Seminar, University College London. October 27, 1992.
Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Public Water Supplies--Monitoring and Regulatory Issues. Invited Seminar, Water Research Center, Medmenham, England, Oct. 30, 1992
Water Utility Planning for Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Water. Invited Seminar, Wahnbachtalsperrenverband, Siegburg, Germany, November 6, 1992.

Giardia. In Do Cysts and Oocysts Exist? Invited Keynote address. AOAC Seminar, Montreal, Canada, 14-15 September 1998.

Cryptosporidium Removal in Diatomaceous Earth Filtration--Six Logs! AWWA WQTC, San Diego, California, 4 November 1998.

Professional/Industry Board Chair/Member
1975 - 2008
State of Washington, Department of Health
Water Supply Advisory Committee, four terms, 1984-1996
American Water Works Association
National Committee on Organisms in Water, 1989-present.
National Committee on Watershed Water Quality-2004-present
American Society of Civil Engineers
National Committee on Toxic Substances in Water, Chairman, 1975-1976.

Consulting Projects
Consultant: Seattle/Tacoma Water Depts--Giardia and Cryptosporidium Evaluations, 94-5
Advisory Committee: Removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in direct filtration and in complete treatment of water. Utah Dept. of the Environment, USEPA, 9/91-12/93
Advisory Committee: Study of Giardia and Cryptosporidium removal in water filtration. Montgomery Engineers, Portland Water Bureau, AWWA-RF, 9/91-6/94

Consulting Projects
Consultant Advisor: New South Wales Inquiry re. Sydney Water Contamination Incident. August, 1988 to present.
Consultant: AWS re. analysis of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Water and Pilot Plant Evaluation of Treatment Performance. August to December, 1998
Peer Review Consultant: Sydney Water Corporation. Operational Monitoring Plan for Cryptospordium and Giardia. 1997-1998.
Peer Review Consultant: Sydney Water Corporation. Emergency evaluation of potential water system contamination by protozoan parasites, 1996-1998.

Representative Consulting Projects
Advisory Committee: Tolt water filtration plant design study, Montgomery Engineers, Seattle Water Department, June, 1991 to June 1994
Expert Panel Member: Seattle Water Department, Evaluation of Secondary Uses of the Cedar R. Watershed, 1990-91.
Consultant to Tacoma, WA (with HDR Engrs) for health risk assessment of reusing treated municipal wastewater effluent for process applications in a paper mill, 1990
Consultant to Pierce Co., WA (with Brown and Caldwell Engrs.) for health risk assessment of municipal sewage sludge disposal to land, 1987
Co-chair of expert panel for evaluation of health risk associated with recreational use of the Gas Works Park hazardous waste site. Appointed by the Mayor, Seattle, WA, 1984-5

Consulting Projects
Strategic Planning Advisor: East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California, for Watershed Management Plan Development, 1995-1999.
Planning Advisor: NSW Department of Health, for development of a program for public water supply oversight. December, 1994 to present.
Expert Panel Member: USEPA, for identification of research needs for monitoring of Crypotosporidium in water, September 11-12, 1995
Expert Panel Member: AWWA Res. Foundation Project to define the epidemiology of waterborne cryptosporidiosis, 1994-95.

Honorary Position/Residency
1984 - 2005
Member, New South Wales Department of Health Expert Advisory Panel on Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Public Water Supply. August, 1998 to 2005

Chairman, Cedar Hills Citizens Review Committee, To assure communication between landfill area residents and the King Co. Solid Waste Division. Appointed by King County Superior Court, 1986 to 1995.

Member, Seattle Water Department Water Supply Plan Policy Advisory Committee. Expert on public health-related issues. September, 1989 to 1993.

Vice-Chair, Advisory Committee to the Seattle Water Department for a Study of Secondary Uses in the Cedar River Watershed, January, 1987 to June, 1988.

Co-Chair, Advisory Panel on Health Risks of Gas Works Park, for Charles Royer, Mayor of Seattle, WA. April, 1984 to August, 1984.

Current Positions:

Honorary Professorial Fellow - Environmental Engineering
School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering
University of Wollongong


BS Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. 1965
MS Civil-Sanitary Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1966
PhD Civil-Sanitary Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1973

2006-Present Principal Honorary Fellow, Environmental Engineering, School of Civil Mining & Environmental Engineering, University of Wollongong

2002-2006 Manager, Regulatory Planning & Analysis, Office of Water Quality, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California;

1995-2002 Associate Professor & Visiting Fellow, School of Civil & Environ. Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW
Affiliate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

1991-1996 Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health; Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

July-Nov.'92 Visiting Fellow, Public Health Engineering, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University College London, London, England.

1984-1991 Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Health, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

1976-1984 Principal Engineer, Brown and Caldwell, Consulting Engineers, Seattle, Washington; Sacramento, California

1973-1976 Assistant Professor and Research Engineer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Washington State University.

Research Interests:

Public water supply; Water Quality & Water quality management
Public Health; Epidemiology related to public water supply, wastewater management, and wastewater reuse
Monitoring and control of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in water and wastewater, including reuse.
Solid and hazardous waste management
Measurement and significance of trace contaminants in water and wastewater

Professional Activities:

Principal Investigator--Coordinated studies of Pharmaceutical Residuals, Origin, Fate, & Environmental Distribution; Australia, Germany, & USA. UNSW, $50,000.98-02
Principal InvestigatorTransport and Fate of Surface Water Pathogens in Watersheds, AWWARF-$950,000., 1.2.01 to 1.8.04
Principal Investigator--Coordinated studies of Cryptospridium in Water and Water Treatment. AWS, $250,000, 8-12.98
Consultant to Sydney Water Inquiry--Cryptosporidium Issues, NSW Premiers Department, 8-12.98.
Principal Investigator--Disinfection for Reuse of Wastewater in Cooling; $19,000 for CRC for Waste Management & Pollution Control, 6 to 10.98.
Principal Investigator--Chlorine Disinfection of Treated Sewage--A Critical Assessment. $75,000 for CRC for Waste Management & Pollution Control, 2.98 to 7.98.
Principal Investigator--Cryptosporidium in Water and Water Treatment. $70,000, NSW DLWC Urban Water Directorate, 1.97 to 9.98.
Principal Investigator--Health Effects of Wastewater Reuse for Public Water Supply. $15,000, for NSW Department of Health. 7.96 to 8.97.
Principal Investigator--Evaluation of DE filtration for removal of Cryptosporidium & Giardia. $200,000, for the International Diatomite Producers Assn, 2.96 to 6.98.
Co-Investigator--Definition of research needs and evaluation of research processes. Sydney Water Corporation, $15,000, 8.95 to 2.96.
Research Fellow, University College London--Investigation of the Significance of Cryptosporidium in Water. SERC, England, $40,000., 6/92 to 12/92.
Principal Investigator for research on control of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in water by Ozonation and by Filtration. Tacoma Water Division, $50,000. 6/93 to 6/94.
Principal Investigator for research on the occurrence and significance of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in water. Seattle Water Department, $50,000. 6/92 to 6/94.
Principal Investigator for research on "Identification and Control of G. lamblia in Drinking Water; 2/1/91 through 1/31/96, $506,700 NIH-NIAID R01AI28110-01A2 (TMP).
Co-Project Director for research on the Advanced Biological Treatment Technology to Reduce Health Risk of Halogenated Organic Contaminants Project, 1988 to 1992, $230,000/year. NIH-NIEHS Superfund Basic Research Program.
Principal Investigator for research on application of rRNA typing of bacteria for tracing sources of contamination in commercial shellfish beds. Washington Sea Grant Program, 4/90-4/91, $54,971.
Principal Investigator for research on the concentration and origin of Giardia lamblia cysts in three major rivers from watersheds in western Washington. Sponsored by the cities of Tacoma and Seattle, Washington; $160,000, 7/1/86 to 6/30/90.
Principal Investigator for research on the emission of trace hazardous components in gas and leachate from municipal landfills. With the City of Seattle, 1985 to 1987.

Research Students

  • Samuel Kelly : Wetland treatment system to supplement Shanghai's water supply