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Andrzej Calka

Current Positions:

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Associate Professor



MSc (Mechanical Eng. and Technology), Warsaw University of Technology
PhD, (Materials Sci. and Engineering), Warsaw University of Technology

2008 +: Associate Professor, University of Wollongong
1995 - 07: Senior Lecturer, University of Wollongong
1988 - 95: Senior Research Fellow, Australian National University
1983 - 88: Research Fellow, The Australian National University,
1977 - 83: Research Associate, Warsaw University of Technology.
1975 - 77: Research Associate, Northeastern University (Boston, USA).
1972 - 75: Research Assistant, Warsaw University of Technology.

Research Interests:

Research Areas

Materials Synthesis and Processing
Plasma synthesis of super-hard materials, metal hydrides, nanostructural - high surface area materials, plasma induced rapid reduction processes - understanding and applications.
Mechanical Alloying and Mechano-Chemistry for Developing New Materials
Rapid Solidification Processing of Metallic Materials
Metal casting, solidification and heat treatment
Materials Characterization by various techniques

Publication Summary
152 reviewed journal papers (1656 citations) , 1 book

Ten Most Significant Publications
1. A.Calka and D.Wexler, "Mechanical milling assisted by electrical discharge", Nature, vol.419, pp.147-151. 2002 25 citations
2. A.Calka, M.Madhava, D-E.Polk, B.C.Giessen, H.Matyja and J.Vander-Sande,"A transition-metal-free amorphous alloys: Mg70Zn30" Scripta Metallurgica, vol.ll, p.65, 1977. 89 citations
3. D.E.Polk, A.Calka and B.C.Giessen. "Preparation and thermal and mechanical properties of new titanium rich metallic glasses", Acta Metallurgica, vol.26, p.1097, 1978. 80 citations
4. J.D.Fitz-Gerald, R.L.Withers, A.M.Stewart and A.Calka, "TheAl-Mn decagonalphase, 1-evaluation of some diffraction effects, 2-reiationship to crystalline phases ", Philosophical Magazine B, vol.58, p.15-33, 1988.
70 citations
5. A.Calka and A-P.Radlinski, "Formation of TiB2 by mechanical alloying ", Journal of the Less-Common Metals, vol.l61, p.L23, 1990. 24 citations
6. A.Calka and A.P.RadImski, " Universal high performance ball milling device and its application for mechanical alloying", Materials Science and Engineering, vol. A134, p.1350, 1991. 140 citations
7. A.Calka and J.S.Williams, "Synthesis of nitrides by mechanical alloying",
Materials Science Forum, vol.88-90, p.787-794, 1991. 44 citations
8. A.Calka and A.P.Radlinski, "Formation of amorphous Fe-B alloys by mechanical alloying",Applied Physics Letters, vol.58,p.ll9, 1991. 39 citations
9. A.Calka, "Formation of titanium and zirconium nitrides by mechanical alloying", Applied Physics Letters 59 (13): 1568-1569 Sep 23 1991
47 citations
10. A P Radlinski and A.Calka, "Mechanical alloying of high melting-point intermetallics",Materials Science and Engineering A-134: 1376-1379 mar 25 1991 47 citations

Ph D
1990 - Khamal ARYAL Synthesis of Si-Ge Thermoelectric Materials By Ball Milling. ANU,
1992 - Jonian NIKOLOV Synthesis of Advanced Ceramics by Mechanical Alloying, ANU,
1993 - Genmiao WANG Surfactant Assisted Iron Carbonization by Ball Milling, ANU, ADFA
1993 - Toni PUKLIN Phase Transformations Induced by Ball Milling in Iron Oxide, ANU.
2001 - Ahmed MOSBAH "Synthesis and Properties of Nanocrystalline WC-FeAl Composites", UOW
2004 - Ahmadian NAJAFABADI "Synthesis and Properties of WC-FeAl-B and WC-Ni3Al-B Composites"
2005 - Ben LOHSE  The Controlled Ball Milling of Titanium and Carbon to Form TiC UOW

Ms E
1997 - Jie ZHOU Nitrogenization and Structural Development During Ball Millingof Stainless Steel in Nitriding Atmosphere. UOW
1998- Vikas GUPTA Nitogenation and Structural Development During Ball Milling of Aluminum in Ammonia Atmosphere. UOW

Engineering Project Students
1996 - Narelle MONAGHAN Macro/Microstructural Evolution of AlN During
Reactive Ball Milling of Aluminium in Ammonia. UOW
1997 - Goce KRESTEVSKI Synthesis of Nb3Al Based Low Temperature Syperconductors by Reactive Ball Milling. UOW
1997 - Antti KILPIKOSKI The Effect of Milling Conditions on Fracturing, Grain Refinement and Nitriding During Controlled Ball-Milling. UOW
1999 - Claire HECTOR Processing of High Temperature OrderedIntermetallics by Advanced Ball Milling. UOW
2000 - Lars ANDERBERG Synthesis and Characterisation of Tungsten Carbo-Nitrides Through Mechano-Chemical Processing. UW
2002 - Phillip BURKE Mechanosynthesis and Processing of TiB2 Based MaterialsContaining 5wt% Additions of Alloy Binders. UOW
2004 - Ben HOLMES A study Into the Effect of Milling Parameters on Fine Powder Production and Phase Induced in Hard Materials Subjected to Electric Discharge Assisted Mechanical Milling, UOW
2004 -Timothy FENWICK "Hydrogen Induced Phase Transformations of Boron and Carbon"
2005 - Andrew GILLEN- Mechano-Chemical Synthesis of Mg-N-H Compounds for Hydrogen Storage, UOW
2006 - Elana BONT- A feasibility study into the use of metallic glass ribbons as reinforcement in concrete, UOW
2007 - Damon A BISHOP Study of exchange and replacement reactions by electric discharge assisted mechanical milling,
2007 - Jessica THORNBERRY Synthesis of ultra hard materials by electric discharge assisted mechanical milling. 

Professional Activities:

19931997 Elected member of the Advisory Committee of the International Conference on Rapidly Quenched Metals.
1993 Member of the International Committee of the 2-nd International Conference on Structural Applications of Mechanical Alloying,.
1998 Organizer, International Symposium on Metastable, Mechanically Alloyed and Nanorcystalline Materials (ISMANAM 1998)
1998 Editor of ISMANAM1998 Conference Proceedings
19942007 Member of the International Steering Committee of the International Symposium on Metastable, Mechanically Alloyed and Nanorcystalline Materials (ISMANAM)
19962004 Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials
19932007 Member of the International Advisory Committee of the
International Conference on Mechanochemistry and Mechanical Alloying (INCOME)
19952007 Member of the International Editorial Committee of the
2007 Member of the International Scientific Committee XVIII Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science Conference

Journal of Materials Science
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Materials Science and Technology
Scripta Materialia
Acta Materialia
Journal of Materials Research
Materials Research Bulletin

Research Students

  • Monika Wyszomirska : Synthesis and Properties of Novel Materials Synthesized by Electric Discharge Assisted Mechanical Milling