Engineering and Information Sciences


Zhengyi Jiang

Current Positions:

Professor, 2010 - present
School of Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronic Engineering
University of Wollongong


2010-present Professor, University of Wollongong
2008-2010 Associate Professor/ARF, University of Wollongong
2007-2007 Associate Professor, University of Wollongong
2006-2006 Visiting Professor, Northwestern University, USA
2004-2006 Principal Fellow/Associate Professor/ARF, University of Wollongong
2002-2004 ARF, Senior Fellow, University of Wollongong
1999-2001 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wollongong
1998-present Professor, Northeastern University (NEU)
1997-1998 Visiting Fellow, Monash University
1996-1998 Deputy Director, State Key Lab of Rolling & Automation, NEU
1995-1997 Associate Professor, Northeastern University
1994-1995 Visiting Fellow, Tokyo Metropolitan University
1990-1994 Associate Lecturer/Lecturer, Northeastern University

Research Interests:

1) Contact mechanics and computational mechanics in materials processing
2) Multi-scale mechanics in metal manufacturing
3) Multi-scale materials processing engineering
4) Tribology in metal forming
5) FEM application in metal manufacturing, stress analysis
6) Analysis of heat transfer, thermo-mechanical and mechanical properties by numerical methods
7) Mechanics of complex strip and thin strip rolling
8) Development of high precision mathematical models in metal forming processes
9) Artificial intelligence application in metal forming processes

Professional Activities:

- Editor: Advanced Engineering Forum, Scientific.Net, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, 2011-
- Associate Editor: Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Engineers Australia Technical Journals, 2012-
- Associate Editor: International Journal of Materials Forming and Machining Processes (IJMFMP), IGI-Global, 2013-
- Guest Editor: Special Issue on Advances in Tribology in Metal Manufacturing, Int J Surf Sci and Eng, Vol. 3, Nos. 5-6, 2009.
- Guest Editor: Special Issues (4) on Advances in Mechanical Science and Technology, Advanced Science Letters (American Scientific Publishers), 2011.
- Member of Editorial Board
International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering (2008-)
Journal of Machining and Forming Technologies-JoM&FT (2008-)
Materials Processing Science and Technology - An Int J (2009-)
ISRN Materials Science (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2011-)
- Member of Review Board
International J. Manufacturing, Materials and Mechanical Engineering (2010-)
- Member (2009-) International Committee for Abrasive Technology (ICAT)
- Life Member (2007-) Ausinan Science & Technology Society (ASTS)
- Vice President (2013-) Ausinan Science & Technology Society (ASTS)
- Director (2009-2013) Department of Science and Technology, ASTS
- Treasurer (2007-2009) ASTS
- International Journal Referee (33 journals)


Total prizes and awards are over 30, including:
1) 2012-2016 Future Fellowship Award (FT3), Australian Research Council (ARC)
2) 2013 Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship Award, Australian Government
3) 2013 Distinguished Achievements Award in Manufacturing Science and Technology, The Committee of International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Technology
4) 2011/2012 Scientific Visit Award, National Science Council, Taiwan
5) 2010/11 AAS-JSPS Bilateral Exchange Program Scientific Visits to Japan Award
6) 2008-2012 Australian Research Fellowship Award, Australian Research Council (ARC)
7) 2005/06 Australian Academy of Science Scientific Visits Award
8) 2004 Youth Academic Award, The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
9) 2002-2006 Australian Research Fellowship Award, Australian Research Council (ARC)
10) 2001 Government Natural Science Prize - Some Theoretical Issues for Rigid Plastic Finite Element Method (research, third grade), Liaoning Province, China
11) 2000 Government Science & Technology Progress Prize - Optimization of the Mathematical Models and Parameters of Strip Rolling (research, second grade), Chinese Central Government
12) 1999 Government Science & Technology Progress Prize - Theory and Application of Rigid Plastic Finite Element Method (research, second grade), Ministry of Metallurgy Industry, China
13) 1999 Government Science & Technology Progress Prize - Application of Artificial Intelligence in Steel Rolling (research, first grade), Education Commission, Liaoning Province, China
14) 1998-2000 Huo Yingdong Youth Teachers Fund Award and Certificate (sole winner), Ministry of Education of China
15) 1997 Youth Academic Award, The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity.
16) 1996 Government Science & Technology Progress Prize - Study on Optimum Temperature Schedule for Hot Strip Rolling Grades (research, first grade), Liaoning Province, China.
17) 1994 First Grade Scholarship Award (for PhD), Baosteel Group Co., China.
18) 1994 National Key Spread Project Award - Improvement of Strip Shape and Flatness with Shifted Work Rolls, State Commission of Science and Technology, China.

ARC Grants

1. Z.Y. Jiang, ARC Future Fellow, FT120100432, Mechanics of innovative high precision rolling technology in micromanufacturing, $928,218, 2012-2016
2. Z.Y. Jiang, D.B. Wei, ARC DP, DP1093138, Mechanics of micro cross wedge manufacturing, $365,000, 2010-2012
3. Z.Y. Jiang, ARC DP, DP0878122, Advanced shape development in cold rolling of thin strip, $460,000, 2008-2012
4. Z.Y. Jiang, ARC DP, DP0211233, Mechanics of cold rolling of thin strip, $524,490, 2002-2006
5. C. Lu, Z.Y. Jiang, ARC DP, DP0451197, Mechanics of transverse friction and roughness in cold strip rolling, $176,400, 2004-2006
6. Z.Y. Jiang, K.A. Tieu, X.L. Liu, ARC LX Fellowship, An investigation into the development of a super steel strip, $79,000, 2008
7. Z.Y. Jiang, K.I. Manabe, M. Yang, ARC LX Award, Intelligent modelling of thin strip rolling, $78,560, 2004-2006

Research Students

  • Hasan Tibar : A Study of the effect of rolling process on Strip Shape and Profile.
  • Mingshuai Huo : Study of Tribological behaviour of size effects of stainless steels during flexible rolling of thin strip
  • Saud Almotairy : Study on Effects of Flake-Assisted Hot Pressing and Thixoforming Processes on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Reinforced with Sic Nanoparticles
  • Peijie Jia : Numerical Simulation of the Wagon wheel H36 hot forming process
  • Zhou Li : Analysis of Metal Forming Simulation and Subsequent Crash Simulations
  • Hailong Cui : Influence of Static and Dynamic Characteristic of The Aerostatic Bearing Spindle in The Single Point Diamond Cutting
  • Chengteng Li : Effects of Operating Conditions on Intensified Gasification of Residual Carbon in Partially Gasified Char
  • Hamid Kamali : Study of microforming process with consideration of size effects
  • Mahadi Hasan : A Study on fabrication of Composite micro drill (CMD) of tungsten Carbide (WC) powder and solid high strength steel
  • Jiangshan Zhang : Bail Milling graphite and silicon Carbide Particles: Baeics and application
  • Fanghui Jia : Study on micro deep drawing at composite materials
  • Hang Yin : A Study on Micro Forming of Metallic Composites