Engineering and Information Sciences


Kiet Tieu

Current Positions:

Senior Professor


2014- Senior Professor
1998-current Professor of Mechanical engineering.
1997-2007 Head of School /Department
Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronics Engineering
1997-2007 Member of University Senate
2001- 2014 Coordinator, Research Centre of Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Manufacturing
2006-2011 Leader of Rolling Technology in Engineering Materials Institute
2002 -2005 Board Member of BHP Institute of Steel Processing and Products
2000-2003 University Promotion Committee
1996 -1998 Member of University Research Executive Committee
1996 -1998 Chair, Faculty Research Committee
1995 -1997 Coordinator of Steel Manufacturing and Processing Research Centre
1992- 1994 Coordinator of Maintenance Management & Systems Engineering
Post Graduate Programs
1992 -1994 Coordinator of Applied Mechanics and Advanced Manufacturing
Research Program
1974-1982 Group Leader of Engineering Investigation , BlueScope Steel
(formerly Aust. Iron and Steel Co)

Honorary Appointments

2001-2003 Visiting Professor, Northeastern University, China
2004-2005 Visiting Professor, University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China
2005 Visiting Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

*published 534-refereed papers, 3 patents, 37 contract research reports. My h-index is 20 with 1709 citations. 24 PhDs and 6 Masters have graduated and 21 PhD candidates currently under his supervision.
*Contract Research (2004-2014) :
Sixteen (16) major contract research for BP/Castrol (1 contract), Nishin Steel (Japan) (1), Bao steel (China) (2), Benxi Steel (China) (1), Jinan Steel (China) (1) and Posco Steel (Korea) (4), Pacific National (1), Port Kembla Port Authority (1), Pacific National (1), BlueScope Steel Metallurgy Centre (3).

Research Interests:

Tribology (friction, lubrication and wear), Materials Processing, Materials Engineering, Computational Mechanics (FEM, MD),Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Metal Forming, Severe Plastic Deformation
Rolling Technology, Condition Monitoring, Contact Mechanics

Professional Activities:

Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering since 2007 ;
Member of Engineering Faculty Research Committee for 16 years
Member of University Research Committee for 2 years
Member of ARC Review of Engineering and Environmental Journals;
Chair of 15th International Conference in Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Editorial Board
Co-Editor in Chief J. Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Materials Science;
Member of the Editorial Board of International J. Surface Science and Engineering, International J. Iron and Steel Research.
Guest Managing Editor in 2012-2013, edited 276 articles for 9 SCI journals :
Metallurgical and Materials Trans B,
Thin Solids Film,
Computational Material Science,
Steel Research International,
J.Materials Research Innovation,
Intl. J. Materials and Products Technology,
J.Nano Research,
International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing Processes
J. Materials Science Forum


Vice Chancellor Award for Excellence in Research Supervision in 2014.

Received the William Johnson International Gold Medal in 2012 for Lifetime Achievements in Materials Processing Research and Teaching by the International Committee for Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies.

Awarded the Quangcheng Award in 2011 by the Jinan Municipal government, and the Qilu Award by the Shandong Provincial Government (China) for outstanding international collaborative research on strip shape control in hot rolling.


ARC Discovery 13-15 A physically based abrasive wear model for high-speed steel at high temperature
ARC Discovery 11-13 Lubrication mechanics in hot strip rolling
ARC Discovery 07-10 Tribological contact of work roll in hot rolling
ARC Discovery 04-06 Contact mechanics in hot strip rolling

ARC Discovery 02-04 Mechanics of mixed film lubrication in strip rolling
ARC Large 01-03 Flow mixing at supply pockets in journal bearing
ARC Large 94-96 Superlaminar flow in journal bearings

ARC Linkage 03-05 Dynamic recrystallisation and preferred orientation of ultra thin steel strip under conditions of fluctuating temperature and stress
ARC Linkage 03 Analysis of complex systems for the condition monitoring of a rolling mill
ARC Linkage 04-06 Condition monitoring of large, horizontal low speed slew bearings
ARC Linkage 02-04 Roll bite lubrication in hot strip rolling
ARC Linkage 02-04 Shape performance in tin plate plant
ARC-SPIRT 98-00 An experimental determination of friction variation at strip roll interface in rolling
ARC-Collaborative 94-96 Automated expert system for quality control in hot strip rolling
ARC-Collaborative 96-98 Vibration, friction and wear at strip roll interface
ARC-Collaborative 97-99 Intelligent control of head and tail off gauge in cold rolling

ARC-APA(I) 91-93 Dynamics at strip roll interface
ARC-APA(I) 95-97 Mechanics of hot strip coiling

Fellowship 07 An investigation into the development of super steel
ARC Linkage
04-06 Mechanics of thin strip steering in hot rolling
ARC Linkage
02-04 Effects of oxide scale on the mechanics of contacts in hot strip rolling
ARC Linkage
02-04 Mechanics of complex strip rolling with local residual deformation

ARC LIEF 2014 National facility for cyclic testing of high speed rail
ARC LIEF 2014 In-situ elevated temperature nano-indentation
ARC LIEF 2012 Flexible architecture high-performance computing facility for the intersect consortium of New South Wales
ARC LIEF 2009 Dynamic Texture Measurement Facility
ARC LIEF 2009 (Coordinator) Nano Tribometer for Surface and Thin Film Characterisation
ARC LIEF 2008 An analytical field emission gun scattering electron microscope
ARC LIEF 2005 Surface mechanical property analysis facility
ARC LIEF 2004 Integrated precision machining of complex profiles
ARC-LIEF 02 Integrated particle image thermometry / Velocimetry
ARC-LIEF 01 High speed digital video facility for transient flow analysis
ARC-RIEFP-98 (Coordinator) Portable laser equipment for velocity measurement
ARC-RIEFP-96 (Coordinator) Infrastructure for experimental rolling mill

ARC Near miss 05 Multi-scale modelling of friction and tool wear in metal forming

Australia - China Joint Research Centre for Minerals,
Metallurgy and Materials (3-M Centre) 2013-2014

Australian Research Network for Advanced Materials

EP-CRC 2013 Three-dimensional fracture simulation for gas pipelines
EP-CRC 2012 Coupled model for fracture propagation
EP-CRC 2010-2014 Simulation and experimental investigation for gas
CRC-Rail Innovation 11-14 Locomotive adhesion best practice
CRC Rails 03-04 Bogie rotation friction management
CRC Rails 02-04 System identification of rail dynamics

Bao Steel (China) 2013-15
Bluescope Steel Metallurgy Centre 2013
Bluescope Steel Metallurgy Centre 2012
Bluescope Steel Metallurgy Centre 2009
Port Kembla Port Corporation 2011
Pacific National 2010
Jinan Steel (China) 2009
Pohang Steel Research Lab (K orea) 2009
Pohang Steel Research Lab ( Korea) 2008
Pohang Steel Research Lab ( Korea) 2007
BP (UK)/Nisshin Steel (Japan)
Castrol Australia/
Bao Steel (China) 2007-09
Benxi Steel (China) 2004

Rail Infrastructure Corporation 2002-04

BHP Steel 2002-04
BHP Steel 2002-04
BHP Research 1995-97
BHP Research 1995-97
BHP Research 1998-00
BHP Research 1997-99
BHP Research 1996-98
BHP Research 1994-96
BHP Steel 1991-93
BHP Steel-1990
BHP Steel 1991-93
BHP Steel-1990
BHP Steel-1984
BHP Research 1994-97 Contract Research

Future Research Topics:

(i) accumulative roll bonding /asymmetric rolling/cryogenic rolling of thin composite foils
(ii) Smart and environmentally friendly lubricant for metal forming at high temperature and cold rolling
(iii) Hot and cold Rolling of steel: shape, profile
(iv) Oxidation of High Speed Steel
(v) Modelling of microstructure evolution by crystal plasticity
(vi) Condition monitoring of low speed slew bearing
(vii) Molecular modelling of thin film boundary lubrication
(viii) nanotribology of boundary lubrication
(ix) Modelling of abrasive wear

Research Students

  • Shaogang Cui : Investigation of Surface Wear Mechanism of High-Speed Steel Hot Rolls in Hot Rolling.
  • Rui Wang : Texture Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy by Accumulative Roll Bonding
  • Che Zhang : Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Metal/Graphene Nanocomposites
  • Jiaqing Li : Atomistic Simulation of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Grain Boundaries in Metals
  • Yu Liu : Mechanical Properties, Microstructure and Defect Evolution of Magnesium Deformed by High Pressure Torsion.
  • The Sang Pham : Research in Hot Rolling Lubricants at Temperature of 800oC-1100oC
  • Nam Van Tran : A New Adaptive Aqueous Lubricant for Severe Metalworking at Elevated Temperature
  • Manh Ha Le : Tribo chemical reaction on aqueous lubricant at interface in metal forming
  • Thi Thuy Huong Ta : Quantum modelling of lubricant at interface in metal forming at high temperatures
  • Do Xuan Vinh Nguyen : Numerical investigation of erosive pattern due to the slurry sands-flow in the oil pipeline by coupling between Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM)
  • Hoang Bach Tran : The Tribo chemical reaction on aqueous lubricant at interface in metal forming at high temperature.
  • Long Wang : High Temperature Lubricant for Metal Forming
  • Nan Jiang : Molecular Dynamics Study on Grain Boundary Structures and Their Impact on Dislocation Nucleation Mechanisms