Engineering and Information Sciences


Anatoly Rozenfeld

Current Positions:

Professor, School of Engineering Physics
Director, Centre for Medical Radiation Physics

Laboratory research work on radiation facilities

" ANSTO, Australia
" Brookhaven National Laboratory: Light National Source and Research Reactor, USA
" Karmanos Cancer Institute, superconducting cyclotron , Fast Neutron Therapy, USA
" Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Proton Accelerator, USA
" KEK, proton therapy, Tsukuba, Japan
" Massachusetts General Hospital, Proton Therapy, USA
" European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France
" CERN, Switzerland
" Institute for Nuclear Research: proton cyclotron and nuclear reactor, Ukraine


MSc (with distinction), Leningrad Polytechnic Institute
PhD, Institute for Nuclear Research, Kiev

Business Education

Company Directors Course: Practice of Directorship, Australian Institute of Company Directors

2002- Professor, Director of Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, UoW, Australia
2000-2002 Associate Professor, Director of Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, UoW
1999-2000 Associate Professor, Head, Group of Medical Radiation Physics, UoW
1997- Adjunct Professor, School of Physics, University of NSW, Australia
1996-1998 Senior Lecturer, Head Radiation Physics Group, Department of Eng. Physics, UoW
1993-1996 Lecturer, Department of Physics, UoW, Australia
1977-1992 Engineering and research positions, Institute for Nuclear Research, Kiev, Ukraine

Research Interests:

" Development of Radiation Instrumentation for radiation medicine, radiation protection space and HEP
" Radiation therapy: brachytherapy, photon and electron beam therapy, proton therapy, neutron therapy, synchrotron microbeam therapy
" Nuclear medicine: PET instrumentation and radiation intraoperative probes
" Semiconductor radiation detectors, dosimetry in mixed radiation fields , microdosimetry and nanodosimetry
" Instrumentation for homeland security

Major Competitive Grants: present and past

ARC Discovery Project-2, NHMRC -5, NHMRC Development-1, NSW Cancer Institute-2, NHMRC near miss, ARC LIEF HEP-8 , Small ARC, DEST FAST -2, DIST, NSBRI (NASA USA), Industry R&D contracts (international and domestic)
in total more then $5M

Professional Activities:

2001-Founder of Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, University of Wollongong
2001- Founder and Chair of bi-annual International Workshops:
Mini-and Micro-dosimetry and its applications and
Modern techniques for prostate cancer treatment

National and International Committees/Positions

1996- Member of Executive Board of Australian Institute of High Energy Physics (AUSHEP)
1997-2002 UoW Councilor, Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE)
1999- Member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee on Solid State Dosimetry (SSD)
1999- Member of Australian National Proton Therapy Steering Committee
2001-2004 Director, Board of Directors of Australian Microelectronics Network (AMN)
2002-2005 Member of the IEEE NPSS Radiation Instrumentation Steering Committee (RISC)
2003- Member of IEEE NPSS Transnational and CIP Committees
2003-2005 Member, Specialists Committee, Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
2003- Member, Prostate Cancer Institute, Australia
2004- Member of Board, AFAS (Australian-French Science and Technology Association)
2004- Member, Radiation Detectors Advisory Committee, Australian synchrotron
2004- Member, Research Committee AFOMP (Asian Federation of Organizations on Medical Physics)
2005- Member of International Scientific Committee of the Congress on Microdosimetry (MICROS)
2005- Member of Grant Review Panel (GRP), National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC), Australia

1996-2000 Member of University of Wollongong Foundation Research Committee
1999-Member of Faculty Research Committee
2007-Member of University of Wollongong Research Committee

" Senior Member of IEEE (Nuclear Physics and Plasma Science section)
" Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors
" Member, Australian Brachytherapy Group

Editorial Board

Member of Editorial Board , Journal of Instrumentation , (JINST), IOP
Member of Editorial Board, Physica Medica, European Journal of Medical Physics
Associate Editor on papers, Medical Physics, AAPM, USA
Associate Editor of Solid State Dosimetry (SSD 14, SSD 15), Journal of Radiation Protection and Dosimetry


" National Health and Medical Research Council
" Research Council City University, Hong Kong
" Israeli Science Foundation
" Swiss Science Foundation
" NZ Business Development Grants committee


" Medical Physics
" Physics in Medicine and Biology
" IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
" Radiation Protection and Dosimetry
" Radiation Research
" Radiation Measurement
" Journal of Instrumentation
" Journal of Applied Physics
" Journal of Isotopes


1987 USSR Government Commission Honour Award for liquidation of Chernobyl nuclear plant accident.
1988 Diploma and Gold Medal of the National Industrial Exhibition for of R&D on radiation instrumentation
1988 USSR State Inventor Committee-medal "Inventor of the USSR"
1989 Silver Medal of the National Industrial Exhibition for achievements in R&D on radiation instrumentation
1998 The Best Poster Paper Award at Solid State Dosimetry Conference (SSD-12), Spain
2000 Chair of Dosimetry, Nuclear Space Radiation Effects (IEEE NSREC) conference Norfolk, USA
2001 Chair and Founder of bi-annual International Workshops  Mini-and Micro-dosimetry and its applications and Modern techniques for prostate cancer treatment
2002 Chairman of Medical Physics Conference at AIP Congress, July, Sydney

2005 The Best Poster Paper Award, Conference of American Brachytherapy Society, San Francisco, 2005
2005 Chair of Dosimetry and Radiation Facilities, RADECS 2005, September, DAGDE, FRANCE
2006 Chair of Hadrons Therapy Workshop IEEE NSS MIC, San Diego, USA, October 2006
2006 The Most Outstanding SAE Technical Paper, SAE 2006 Transactions Journal of Aerospace
2006 Chair of Dosimetry, World Congress on Med. Phys. and Biomed. Engineering, Seoul,
2007 Chair of Dosimetry and Radiation Facilities, IEEE NSREC, July , Hawaii, USA
2007 Chair of Asian-Pacific Program at IEEE NSS MIC , October , Hawaii , USA

Research Students

  • David Bolst : Characterisation of Novel Silicon Detectors for Proton Therapy and Heavy ION Therapy Quality Assurance
  • Lachlan Chartier : Development of a Solid State Quality Assurance System for Scanning Beams in Proton and Heavy Ion Therapy
  • Matthew Newall : Innovative silicon detector for 3D construction of Dose in External beam radiothereapy
  • Fatima Matar : VMAT Quality Assurance based on the Code of Practice Report 24 Netherlands Commission on Radiation Dosimetry using DUO in transmission mode
  • Andrew Chacon : Dose Quantification and Enhancements for Particle Therapy
  • Yunfei Hu : Develop Motion Management Techniques for Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Treatments on TomoTherapy
  • Meng Cai : Iterative conc-beam CT reconstruction
  • Luis Munoz : Clinical Implementation of Silicon Monolithic Detectors for Small Field Dosimetry
  • Justin Delaney : Investigating the physics of gamma-ray induced nuclear reactions
  • James Vohradsky : The Development of New Gernation Microdosimetry for Quality Assurance in Hadron Therapy and BNCT
  • Owen Brace : Advanced In-Vivo Dose Verification with Silicon Diode Array and EPID Co-Registration
  • Albert Le : Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Complex Treatment Deliveries
  • Timia Osman : Localization Accuracy of PET-CT Defined Target Volumes under Respiratory Motion for Radiation Therapy
  • Levi Madden : Temporal Separation of Scintillation and Cerenkov Radiation Produced by Fiber Optic Dosimeters in Pulsed Megavoltage Photon Beams
  • - Heranudin : Development of 4πβ (Plastic Scintillator) - 4πγ Detection System for Radionuclide Standardization
  • Taleb Alwadi : Establishment of Diagnostic Reference Levels for Adult Computed Tomography (CT) Examinations Performed in Australia
  • Emily Debrot : Characterisation of the Dose Magnifying Glass for Heavy Ion Therapy Quality Assurance
  • Stefania Peracchi : Silicon on insulator microdosimetry in aviation and space. Development of innovative detector for radiation protection.
  • Muhammad Salman : Development of In Vivo Real Time Innovative Radiation Dosimetry for Diagnostic Radiology (CT and Fluoroscopy)
  • Melek Zarifi : Real Time Dosimetry of Proton Therapeutic Beam Using Prompt Gamma
  • Anna Romanyukha : Ancient and modern dosimetry: applications to geological dating and radiotherapy QA
  • Shaun Delpiano : Gamma Activation Analysis for on-line Mineral Sorting Applications
  • Elizabeth Patterson : Skin Dose Enhancement from an Inline MRI-Linac: Dosimetry with MOSkin and Dose Magnifying Glass
  • Jessie Posar : Characterisation of Organic Electronic Components for Dosimetry in Radiotherapy
  • Joel Poder : Development and commissioning of various solid state detectors and dedicated phantoms for patient specific HDR brachytherapy QA
  • Mohammed Al Towairqi : Development of Magic Scintillating Plastic Fibre-Optic System (MSPFOS) for Real-time Dosimetry HDR Brachytherapy
  • Harley Rutherford : Development of a Novel Dose Quantification Method for Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Using In-Beam Positron Emission Tomography Imaging
  • Ramaq Al-qadhi : In-Vivo Skin Diode Dosimetry For In-Vivo High Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy
  • Sultan Alhujaili : Pre-treatment and in-vivo dosimetric verification in Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy using silicon detectors
  • Aaron Merchant : Development & characterisation of a novel silicon strip detector & magic plate array of silicon detectors for use in quality assurance of hadron beam radiotherapy
  • Samer Bakr : Development of Simulation Tools for Micro and Nano-Dosimetry