Engineering and Information Sciences


Brian Monaghan

Current Positions:

Engineering Materials Research Institute Director
PYROmetallurgical Group Leader
Australian Steel Research Hub Program D Leader

Subject coordinator for
MATE 202 Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria
MATE 305 Primary Materials Processing
MATE 422 Ironmaking and Steelmaking


BSc(hons) in Metallurgy conferred in 1989 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
PhD in Metallurgy conferred in 1996 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Research Interests:

My research interests are in the kinetics and thermodynamics of high temperature materials processing.

See link to my video discussing my group and research area.

A list of current and examples of previous projects in the Pyrometallurgical area are given below.

Current Projects
1. Phosphorous Removal in the BOS (3 year ARC Steel Research Hub)
2. Value from Steelplant Waste (5 year ARC Steel Research Hub)
3. Dynamic Wetting of Slags on Oxides (3 year project sponsored by industry)
4. The effect of Minerals On Coke analogue Reactivity (1 year ACARP project)
5. The Kinetics of Coke Analogue Reactivity (3 year internally funded project)
6. Effects of Minerals on the Carbon Structure of the Coke Analogue (3 year internally funded project)
7. The Morphology of Steelmaking Inclusions During Processing (3 year project directly sponsored by BlueScope, on going)

Past Projects
1. Liquid Flow Through a coke Packed Bed ( 3 year ARC Linkage)
2. Refractory systems for the Hall Herout Al process. (3 year CSIRO Light Metals Flagship Project)
3. New Indirect Carbothermal Al Reduction Process. (3 year CSIRO Light Metals Flagship Project)
4. Development of a Coke Analogue For Coke Reactivity studies. (BHP Directly funded and Graduate thesis)
5. Reducibility of Iron Titanate Sands (NZS Directly funded project)
6. Measuring the Oxygen Potential In Secondary Refining (BSMC directly funded project)
7. Spinel Inclusion Synthesis (BSMC directly funded project)
8. Refractory dissolution in steelmaking slags.
9. The dissolution of micro-particles in liquid oxide systems.
10. In-situ coating of steelmaking converters using liquid oxides.
11. Effect of char size on the carburizarion rate of partially reduced iron titanate ore.
12. Thermodynamic modelling of metal-slag-refractory systems for metals processing.
13. Thermodynamic assessment of slag-refractory corrosion in steel and copper refining using MTDATA.
14. Insoluble oxide product formation and its effect on coke dissolution in liquid iron.
15. The dissolution of MgO micro-particles in liquid oxide systems
16. Interfacial Wetting of Iron on Calcium Aluminates.

Professional Activities:

AIST member
ISIJ member
Key Reader of the Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B


John A Brodie Medal for the best paper in the discipline of chemical engineering presented at the Chemeca 2011.

Sir William Hudson Memorial Award for best published research paper in the Australasian Welding Journal in 2010

Sir William Hudson Memorial Award for best published research paper in the Australasian Welding Journal in 2006

Netzsch Thermophysical Properties Award for Young Scientists, 2002, Conferered at the The Sixteenth European Conference on Thermophysical Properties

Future Research Topics:

PhD Scholarship Available in PYRO group for motivated students. Send me a copy of your CV

Applicants must have an Honours 1 or 2(1) degree in materials engineering, metallurgy, chemical engineering or equivalent degree and meet normal UoW postgraduate entry requirements. Experience with high temperature experimentation and optical and electron microscopy are desirable. The candidate will be selected based on their academic strength and research potential.

For further information, please contact PYRO group leader Prof. Brian Monaghan at directly.

Research Students

  • Apsara Jayasekara : The Effect of Calcium Aluminates on the Kinetics of Coke Analogue Gasification in CO2 Gas
  • Sigit Prabowo : High Temperature Processing of New Zealand Titanomagnetite Ironsand
  • Ao Zhang : High Temperature processing of New Zealand Ironsand
  • Ai Nguyen : Effect of Retained BOS Slag on Refectory Wear (PhD4)
  • Phillip Drain : The Effect of Ti on the Kinetics of Phosphorous Removal During BOS
  • Huibin Li : A Fundamental Study into the Use of Different Ferrous Ores on Melt Characteristics of Sinter
  • Yiwei Wang : Intensified Gasification of Char Residues with High Ash Content