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Cassandra Sharp

Current Positions:

Associate Professor
Head of Postgraduate Studies - Law


Cassandra Sharp, PhD, LLB (Hons), BA is Associate Professor in the School of Law, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong and a member of the Legal Intersections Research Centre. Cassandra's research draws on cultural studies, literary theory, criminology, and legal theory to interrogate public interaction with legal consciousness. She is co-editor, with Marett Leiboff, of Cultural Legal Studies: Law's Popular Cultures and the Metamorphosis of Law (Routledge, 2015). Her primary research interest lies in the expression and transmission of law within the public imaginary through mediated popular fictions, and she has developed an interdisciplinary empirical methodology to explore the ways that the concept of justice is challenged and/or maintained through contemporary stories of law.

Research Interests:

Dr Sharp's primary research interest lies within the broad field of law and popular culture. In particular, her PhD explored the transformation process of first year law, and the use of popular stories by students in constructing identity. Of further interest is the way in which understandings of ethics are challenged or maintained through popular stories of law.

Cassandra's ongoing projects include exploring public ideas of justice; social media interaction relating to issues of law and justice; and the superhero phenomenon. Cassandra has also been part of a transnational research group looking into the effects of popular media on first year law student perceptions.

Cassandra has presented her research at both a national and international level. Her current project involves a critical analysis of the twitter response to terror events and the use of fear to critique law.

Professional Activities:

Member of the Legal Intersections Research Centre
Member of the Management Committee of the Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia


OLT 2015 Recipient - National Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning as part of the First Year Law Integration Team.
Vice-Chancellor's OCTAL 2013 - award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning as part of the First Year Integration Team.

Research Students

  • Kate Tubridy : Twitter trials and Facebook justice: community responses to crime in the age of social media
  • Karina Murray : Incorporated Legal Character: Is there a Moral to this Story?
  • Yvonne Apolo : Conscientious Relationality or Informationalism? Interrogating legal conceptions of privacy through the pathologised subjectivity of the age of visibility
  • Ryan Kernaghan : Changing Methods of Interpretation in the 1970s: The Staging of Opera and the Jurisprudence of Justice Lionel Murphy
  • Aiste Janusiene : The Transformation of Televised Judicial Authority in the Past 25 years: A Lithuanian Perspective
  • Ebony Birchall : the right to health? The role of health professionals treating persons in Australian Controlled Immigration centres
  • Lachlan Bryant : The Relationship Between Redress, Restorative Justice and Therapeutic Jurisprudence