Engineering and Information Sciences


Qinghua Guo

Research Interests:

Signal Processing

Professional Activities:

IEEE Member



Research Students

  • Wei HAN : Regularised equalisation for ofdm system with bem-based channel estimation
  • Yiwen Mao : Target Localization Using Bistatic MIMO Radar.
  • Yuxi Ruan : Self-mixing interferometric sensing and its applications
  • Yuanyuan Zhang : The study of multiuser detection for sparse code multiple access system in 5G wireless networks
  • Dawei Gao : Extreme learning Machine - Based Nonlinearity and ISI Mitigation for LED Communications
  • Yuewen Zhu : Multi- Camera Structured-light 3D Measurement System
  • Man Luo : Understand and Improve Message Passing Algorithm for Graphical Model Inference and Learning
  • Tianle Liu : Energy-Efficient Massive MIMO Systems for 5G Wireless Communication
  • Jiayi Yang : Robust Signal Processing for massive MIMO systems
  • Bairun Nie : Ultra-wideband Chaotic Radar Based on Optical Feedback Laser Diode.