Engineering and Information Sciences


Andrew Kostryzhev

Current Positions:

Research Fellow, School of Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronic Engineering



- Dipl. Engineer (MSc), National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, 1998;
- Candidate of Science Degree (PhD), National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, 2002;
- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Birmingham, UK, 2009.

Previous positions

1998-2001 - Post-graduate researcher, Faculty of Technology, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine;
2001-2003 - professor's Assistant, Faculty of Machine Design, National Metallurgical Academy of
2003-2005 - Lecturer, Faculty of Machine Design, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine;
2005-2009 - Post-graduate researcher, School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham, UK;
2009-2011 - Research Fellow, School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Railway
Research Centre, University of Birmingham, UK;

Selected publications (out of 60)

A.G. Kostryzhev, M.I. Khanin, Manufacturing of small diameter bearing tubes in the planetary mill of cold screw rolling // Acta Metallurgica Slovaka, 1999 (5), p. 224-227.

A.G. Kostryzhev, M.V. Popov, M.I. Khanin, S.V. Avtonomov, Patent of Ukraine 54610 - Method of manufacturing tubes, 2003.

A.G. Kostryzhev, M. Strangwood and C.L. Davis, Influence of microalloying precipitates on Bauschinger effect during UOE forming of line-pipe steels, Materials Technology: Advanced Performance Materials, 2007, Vol. 22 (3), p. 166 - 172.

A.G. Kostryzhev, M. Strangwood, and C.L. Davis, Bauschinger effect in microalloyed steels: Part I - Dependence on dislocation-particle interaction, Metallurgical and Material Transactions A, 2010, Vol. 41 (6), p. 1399 - 1408.

A. G. Kostryzhev, R. B. Punch, C. L. Davis and M. Strangwood, Acoustic emission monitoring of split formation during Charpy impact testing of high strength steel, Material Science and Technology, 2012, Vol. 28, p. 240 - 242.

A. G. Kostryzhev, C. L. Davis and C. Roberts, Detection of crack growth in rail steel using acoustic emission, Ironmaking and Steelmaking, 2013, Vol. 40, p. 98 - 102.

A.G. Kostryzhev, A. Al Shahrani, C. Zhu, S. P. Ringer and E. V. Pereloma, Effect of deformation temperature on niobium clustering, precipitation and austenite recrystallisation in a Nb-Ti microalloyed steel, Material Science and Engineering A, 2013, Vol. 581, p. 16-25.

A.G. Kostryzhev, O.O. Marenych, C.R. Killmore, E.V. Pereloma, Strengthening mechanisms in NbTi-microalloyed steel, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 2015, Vol. 46 (8), p. 3470-3480.

A.G. Kostryzhev, P. Mannan, O.O. Marenych, High temperature dislocation structure and NbC precipitation in three Ni-Fe-Nb-C model alloys, Journal of Materials Science, 2015, Vol. 50, p. 7115-7125.

A.G. Kostryzhev, C.D. Slater, O.O. Marenych, C.L. Davis, Effect of solidification rate on microstructure evolution in dual phase microalloyed steel, Scientific Reports 6, 35715; doi: 10.1038/srep35715 (2016).

Research Interests:

Technology - Microstructure - Property relationships in metallic alloys
Thermo-mechanical processing and phase transformations
Microstructure characterisation using optical and electron microscopy (SEM, TEM, EDS, ThermoCalc)
Mechanical testing (tensile, impact, fatigue, wear resistance)
Acoustic emission monitoring

Teaching Interest:
MATE301 Engineering Alloys: Ferrous Alloys

Professional Activities:

Certified Materials Professional, Materials Australia


1996-1998 - Scholarship of the Parliament of Ukraine for the student research work
2000-2003 - Grant of the Government of Ukraine for young scientists
2005 - Title of Docent from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (for achievements in scholarly activity)
2005-2008 - Oversees Research Student Award from "Universities UK"

Research Students

  • Muhammad Rizwan : The Behaviour of Advanced Q&T Steels during Arc Welding and Thermal Cutting