Engineering and Information Sciences


Ting Ren

Esteem Factors

Current Positions:

Senior Lecturer, Mining Engineering


2009-Present: Senior Lecturer in Mining Engineering, University of Wollongong;

2003-2009: Research Ventilation Engineer, Senior Research Engineer, Project Leader, CSIRO Exploration and Mining;

1993-2003: Postdoc Research Assoicate, Senior Research Fellow/Lecturer, University of Nottingham, UK;

1988-1993:Postgradaute Studies MSc and PhD in Mining Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK.

Research Interests:

Development and application of advanced CFD modelling techniques in mining engineering, in particular, goaf gas flow characteristics for fire control and gas drainage, airflow patterns and dust controls on longwall face and drivages;

Innovative goaf inertisation methods for controlling gas explosion and spontaneous heating fires in longwall goafs;

Coal mine gas drainage and recovery technologies; Coal mine gas prediction and coalbed methane studies, particularly for multiple seams and abandoned coal mines/workings

Mine ventilatin and innovative dust controls on modern longwall faces.

Research Students

  • Liang Zhao : The Technical and Economic Feasibility of a Multi-Thin-Seam Open Cut Coal Mine
  • Anxiu Liu : Pressure Relief Rule of Protected Coal-Seam in Thin-Protective-Seam Mining
  • Hongchao Zhao : Novel Hybrid FRP Tubular Standing Roof Supports for Long-wall Mining
  • Edward Gan : Using Vegetation for Blast Protection of Urban Infrastructure
  • Xiaohan Yang : Study on Energy Storage and Dissipation Associated with Coal Burst
  • Libin Gong : CNS Behaviour of Rock Joints Infilled with compacted Sediments
  • Jia Lin : Gas adsorption and desorption characteristics in relation to gas drainage in underground coal mines
  • Patrick Booth : A new approach to the estimation and characterisation of gas emissions in the life cycle of underground coal mines