Social Sciences


Lisa Kervin

Current Positions:

Associate Professor in Language and Literacy
Full Member, Early Start Research Institute.

NSW Director, Australian Literacy Educators' Association


Dr Lisa Kervin is an Associate Professor in the School of Education, Faculty of Social Science, University of Wollongong.

She has taught across the primary grades and has been employed in consultancy roles within New South Wales education systems. She graduated in July 2004 with her PhD and her thesis was focused on the professional development of teachers in literacy.

Research Interests:

Lisa Kervin's current research interests are related to the literacy development of children, the use of technology to support student learning and teacher professional development.

Competitive Grants won:
ARC Discovery: Learning to write: A socio-material analysis of text production (Woods, A., Comber, B. & Kervin, L. K.) 2015-2017
ARC Discovery: Conceptualising digital play: The role of tablet technologies in the development of imaginative play of young children (Verenikina, I., Kervin, L. K. & Murphy, C) 2014-2016
International Reading Association: Children's reading comprehension of online advertising 2011
ARC Discovery: The National English Curriculum: Understanding the development, interpretation and implementation of disciplinary knowledge (Harris, P., Chen, H., Derewianka, B., Kervin, L. K., McKenzie, B., Turbill, J. B., Fitzsimmons, P.) 2010-2013
ARC Discovery: Measuring children's responsiveness to food advertising (Jones, S. & Kervin, L) 2009-2011
ARC Discovery: Towards defining a literacy research agenda: Investigating the relationship between literacy teaching, research and policy (Harris, P., Derewianka, B., Chen, H., Fitzsimmons, P., Kervin, L., Turbill, J., Cambourne, B., Cruickshank, K., McKenzie, B. & Konza, D.) 2007 - 2009
Cancer Council: Cancer Council Sun Smart Program: Resource development for parents with low literacy levels 2009
Apple University Development Fund: iPod Pedagogy: Using the technology of millennial learners in education (Reid, D. & Kervin, L.) 2008
NSW DET: An evaluative inquiry into the sustainability of Professional Learning through school-based action learning (Hoban, G., Herrington, A. & Kervin, L.) 2006

University Research Grants won:
University Research Grant: Imaging university: identifying the place of university in the lives and aspirations of indigenous school students 2011-2012
Faculty Research Grant: Investigating synergies between literacy, technology and classroom practice 2010-2011
University Research Grant: Teaching in the `digital revolution┬┐: re-examining the literacy session (Kervin, L. & Jones, P.) 2009
Faculty Research Grant: Literacy Relationships and Transitions in the Prior-to-School and Early School Years (Harris, P., Kervin, L., McKenzie, B. & Turbill, J.) 2009-2010
TALR small grant: Digital stories as a transition tool as children move from pre-school to Kindergarten (Kervin, L. & Mantei, J.)

Professional Activities:

Lisa Kervin is the NSW Director of the Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA).


Vice Chancellor's award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research. Awarded: 2011

International Reading / Literacy Research Fellowship. (International Reading Association, IRA) Awarded: Chicago, May 2 2006

Commercialisation and Innovation Trailblazer Award. (University of Wollongong) Awarded: June 15, 2006

NSW IER Thesis Award. Awarded: 2005

Outstanding Paper Awards:

Ferry, B., Hedberg, J., Kervin, L., Turbill, J., Cambourne, B., Jonassen, D. (2004). The use of an on-line classroom simulation to enhance the decision making skills of beginning teachers. 2004 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, Lugano, Switzerland.

Carrington, L., Kervin, L. & Ferry, B. (2008). Enhancing the development of pre-service teacher professional identity through the use of a virtual learning environment. In I. Gibson et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2009 (pp. 1402-1409). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

Nomination received for the ┬┐Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning at the University of Wollongong (2004, 2005, 2010)

Future Research Topics:

Lisa Kervin is interested in supervising Higher Degree Research students as they investigate the following areas:
- Digital literacy practices of children and young people
- Teacher use of technology in classroom literacy experiences
- Children and young people's literate choices, practices and interpretation (digital text, popular culture and literature)

Research Students

  • Jane Tanner : Digital storytellling: examining the experience of viewing a digital story resume in a job interview mock setting from the perspective of the creator and the viewer
  • Susan Byers : An Investigation of Comprehension and Pedagogy in Middle Years English and Science
  • Jan Hutton : Examining and supporting online reading practices for young children
  • Khalid Alharbi : An examination of social media as an out-of-class language learning ecology in Saudi Arabia.
  • Kirsty Bartosh : Using Eye Movement Technology and Reading Assessment to Better Understand and Develop Children's Reading Proficiency
  • Carol Speechley : The Five Island's People - An Historical Account of the Traditional Aboriginal Custodians of the Illawarra Region including Clan Boundaries, Traditional Social Structures Highlighting Traditional Educational Methodologies
  • Jan Herold : Creating 'spaces' for children to talk about texts in early childhood classrooms
  • Clara Rivera : Extending on our understanding of digital play: children co-designing apps for children