Social Sciences


Noelene Weatherby-Fell

Research Students

  • Sarah Tillott : An investigation into the elements of resilience that children identify from reading the book Game ON: Perspectives of children, teachers and deployment officers
  • Anna Carswell : Implications and Impact of Flexible Learning Environments on the Elementary Learner: Why 20th Century Classroom Design isn't Able to Cater to the 21st Century Learner, a Comparative Action Research Incorporating Student Voice in Classroom Design
  • Foty Loupos : Exploratory study and review of contemporary issues affecting the educational environment, the response of a local high school and the leadership needed to pioneer the future education of our citizenry.
  • Rosana Nemet : The level of preparedness of preservice and beginning teachers to implement Dance as a stand-alone subject in Australian primary classrooms.
  • Johannes Rein : Educational Leadership Within and the Transition of Metropolitan, Rural and International Students into Preparatory-Aged Boarding in New South Wales.