Engineering and Information Sciences


Ashish Agalgaonkar

Research Students

  • Yasmin Nigar Abdul Rasheed : On the Identification of Optimal Allowable Distributed and Renewable Generation Capacity in the Power Distribution System
  • Subir Majumder : A customer oriented Comprehensive Power Quality (PQ) Management with DNSP, Utilities, and IPPs
  • Edward Smith : Cooperative Strategies for Improving Power Quality, Utilisation and Resilience in Operation and Control of Microgrids
  • Neil Bennett : Sizing and Design of Microgrids and Energy Management Systems for Grid Connected, Stand-Alone and Islanded Operation
  • Brendan Banfield : Optimal Energy Management and Demand Response Strategies for Net Zero Energy Homes and Precincts
  • Alexander Rainer : Small Signal Stability Aspects Associated with Integrated Wind-HVDC systems.