Engineering and Information Sciences


Marco Petasecca

Research Students

  • Matthew Newall : Innovative silicon detector for 3D construction of Dose in External beam radiothereapy
  • Andrew Dipuglia : Development of a silicon-on-diamond dosimeter for Microbeam Radiation Therapy
  • Masoud Jalayer : The project goal is to evaluate the limitations of the design of the LDR BrachyView prototype in correctly resolving the position of multiple seeds within the prostate volume, both with the aid of Monte Carlo simulations and experimental studies.
  • Emily Debrot : Characterisation of the Dose Magnifying Glass for Heavy Ion Therapy Quality Assurance
  • Fatima Matar : Quality Assurance and two dimensional dosimetry in stereotactic radiotherapy
  • Owen Brace : Advanced In-Vivo Dose Verification with Silicon Diode Array and EPID Co-Registration
  • Khalsa Al shukaili : Radiation Dosimetry Simulations and Experiments in Contemporary Radiation Therapy Using Innovative Detectors.
  • Nauljun Stansook : In vivo 3D EPIDs-based dose verification from back projection and Monte Carlo dose mapping on deforming algorithm
  • Sultan Alhujaili : Pre-treatment and in-vivo dosimetric verification in Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy using silicon detectors
  • Maegan Gargett : Characterising of Silicon Array Dosimeters in Magnetic Fields
  • Aaron Merchant : Development & characterisation of a novel silicon strip detector & magic plate array of silicon detectors for use in quality assurance of hadron beam radiotherapy
  • Lee Coates : Assessing and Optimising DE CTPA to Improve Patient Management