Engineering and Information Sciences


Aidan Sims

Current Positions:

Lecturer (Mathematics)


I was born in 1977 in Armidale, Australia.

I completed schooling in Newcastle, Australia, and then my undergraduate degrees (a combined B.Math/B.Comp.Sci in 2000 and then honours in Maths in 2001) at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

I studied for my PhD under Iain Raeburn, though I spent a semester as a teaching assistant and exchange scholar at the University of Iowa, USA, working with Paul Muhly. My PhD dissertation was entitled C*-algebras associated to finitely aligned higher-rank graphs, and was awarded in 2004.

I took up a five-year postdoctoral position at the University of Newcastle commencing in 2004, funded at first by the ARC Centre for Complex Dynamic Systems and Control, and then by an ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship.

I moved to the University of Wollongong on early 2007 to take up a continuing lectureship here.

Research Interests:

My research interests lie in the broad area of functional analysis and abstract harmonic analysis.

My particular area of research is operator algebras. Specifically I study Cuntz-Krieger algebras of directed graphs and their analogues, as well as product systems and associated operator algebras.

In the pase I have also done some work in artificial intelligence. I helped develop the VADER theorem prover and the SATEN belief revision engine as part of the CIN project under Dr Mary-Anne Williams in 1997-98.

For more information about my research interests, you can visit my web pages.

Research Students

  • Michael Mampusti : Equilibrium States and Cuntz - Pimsner Algebras on Mauldin - Williams Graphs of Aperiodic Tilings