Engineering and Information Sciences


Huijun Li

Current Positions:

July, 2008-present
Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
University of Wollongong
NSW 2522


July, 2005-July, 2008
Senior Research Scientist
Materials Division
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation
New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, NSW 2234

July, 2000-June, 2005
Research Scientist, Electron Microscopy Group
Materials Division
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation
New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, NSW 2234
July, 1998-June, 2000
Research Fellow, CRC for Welded Structures
Dept. of Materials Engineering
University of Wollongong
March, 1995-June, 1998
Research Associate, CRC for Welding and Joining
Dept. of Materials Engineering
University of Wollongong
October, 1991-December, 1994
Part time Research Assistant, Shape memory materials group
Part time Teaching Assistant
Demonstrating practical class for undergraduate students
X-ray diffraction

Research Interests:

* The effect of welding thermal cycles on microstructure and mechanical properties of Zircaloy-4
* Nuclear-material interaction research (neutron irradiation, neutron diffraction, positron life time spectroscopy, etc)
* National and International safeguards and security research (anti-terrorism research)
* Research on CRC for light metals
* Creep properties of P91 and P92 steel welds
* Prequalifying emergency welding (temper bead welding)
* Integrity of high energy piping (CRC project)
* Coatings for high temperature steam valve spindles (CRC project)
* Synroc for immobilising nuclear waste
* Mechanised girth welding, (CRC project)
* Welding galvanised steel, (CRC project)
* Hot cracking in high strength cellulosic electrode weld metal, (CRC project)
* Electric resistance welding of high strength pipe line, , (CRC project)
* Transverse cracking in submarine steel weld metal, , (CRC project)
* The application of shape memory couplings for high pressure fuel pipe, (CRC project)


1. A new method for determination of unknown crystal structures  The Third National Science Award 1991 (P. R. China)
2. Welding consumables for galvanising kettle - A Ramsay Moon Best Industry Paper Award 2000 (Australia)
3. The Best Micrograph Prize - The 18th Australian Conference on Microscopy & Microanalysis, Feb. 2004, Geelong, Australia.

Future Research Topics:

* Life estimation of welded pressure equipment, (CRC project)
* High productivity welding of stainless steels, including duplex stainless steels, ferritic stainless steels and austenitic stainless steels, characterising corrosion failure of welding joints, (CRC project)
* Cold cracking of HSLA pipe line steels weldment, including X70 and X80,, (CRC project)
* Investigation of pipeline corrosion in Northern China oil fields, iron based shape memory alloy pipe joints have been developed for oil pipelines.
* Study of Fe-Mn-Si based shape memory alloys, the purpose of this research was to develop new corrosion resistant shape memory alloys for commercial application (ARC project)

Research Students

  • Jintao Li : Investigation of Strain Ageing in FBE Coating of Pipeline Steels
  • Pragathi Dissanayaka : Effect of multiple repair in 690Mpa quenched and tempered steel on the mechanical properties
  • Tong Wang : Study on Solidification Behaviors of Elements Mo and N in Fe-Ni-Cr Alloy Continuous Casting Process
  • Shiyu Zhang : The development of a real-time control system in K-TIG
  • Yu Ziping : Development of WAAM process for surface improvements.
  • Zhijun Qiu : Intelligent database for wire arc based additive manufacturing
  • Bosheng Dong : The Study of Fabricating Cu-Al Alloy via Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing
  • Ning Nie : Fabrication of Ultrathin Metallic Nanosheets by Accumulative Rolling
  • Huda Khan : Improving the Weld HAZ Toughness of High strength Thick Qalled Line Pipe
  • Li Yuxing : Intelligent programming strategies for metal additive manufacturing
  • Jun Wang : A Study of the Influence of Different Phases of Ti2AINb Based Alloys on the Joints Welded by Vacuum Diffusion Welding
  • Sujan Kumer Ghosh : In-Situ Micro-XRD measuring of micron-sale microstructures in 3D-additive manufacturing for functionally graded materials.
  • Muhammad Rizwan : The Behaviour of Advanced Q&T Steels during Arc Welding and Thermal Cutting
  • Cornelis Van Niekerk : The Role of Welding Parameters and Weld Metal Microstructure on the Incidence of Weld Metal Hydrogen-assisted Cold Cracking in X70 Welds.
  • Yimiao Ning : Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing: Hardfacing of Armour Steel
  • Ali Al-Juboori : Mechanism of Squat Initiation and Propagation on Rail Surface
  • Sagar Jinachandran : Acoustic Emission Measurement based on specialty FBG sensors and their application in welding for crack monitoring