Engineering and Information Sciences


Kwan-Wu Chin

Current Positions:

Associate Professor
Head of Postgraduate Studies
Director of Wireless Technologies Lab (WTL)
Director of Signals, Information and Communications (SICOM) Research Institute

Research Interests:

- Internet of Things (IoTs) or sensor (actor) and UAVs networks
- Next generation wireless networks; e.g., 5G
- Energy harvesting (wireless powered) systems
- Cube satellites
- Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning in telecommunication systems.

Professional Activities:

Technical Editor of Elsevier Computer Communications

Research Students

  • Jana Ali Fayek : Efficient Scheduling for Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks
  • Jia Fei : Stationary Target Classification for Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging
  • Honglin Ren : Visual-Correcting Display: Pre-Compensation of Presented Contents Based on Inverse Filtering MethodVisual-Correcting Display: Pre-Compensation of Presented Contents Based on Inverse Filtering Method
  • Suhila Abulgasem : High Gain Antenna for Communication between CubeSat and Ground Station
  • Saadullah Kalwar : Downlinks Throughout Optimization in Unmanned Aerial Networks (UAVs) Networks
  • Ying Liu : Transmission Scheduling in Wireless Powered Communication Networks with Successive Interference Cancellation
  • Sining Liu : A Cube Sat Deep Space Distributed Antenna Array
  • Muhammad Usman Khan : Design, simulation and fabrication of polymer based flexible patch antenna for general IoTs Applications
  • Yiwei Huang : Green Networking based green traffic control algorithm
  • Chuyu Li : Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Lei Zhang : Resource Allocation Algorithms for 5G Networks
  • Hang Yu : Duty Cycling Algorithms for Next Generation Green Routers
  • Adam Drenoyanis : An 80GHz Short Range Radar Sensor Network for Wastewater Management
  • Joey Luo : Channel Assignment Approaches in Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Yishun Wang : Link Scheduling in Multi- Hop Networks with Energy Harvesting Nodes