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Mark Nelson

Current Positions:

BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Mathematics. University of Leeds, 1989.
MSc Nonlinear Mathematics. University of Bath, 1990.
PhD Applied Mathematical Studies. University of Leeds, 1994.


Mark graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Leeds in 1989. He spent a year at the University of Bath where he received a MSc in Nonlinear Mathematics before returning to the University of Leeds where he was awarded a PhD in Applied Mathematics in 1994. He spent nine years working as a postdoctoral research fellow: in the UK (in the Department of Fuel and Energy at Leeds), in New Zealand (with Professor G.C. Wake at the Universities of Auckland and Canterbury) and Australia (at the Australian Defence Force Academy).

In February 2004 Mark was awarded the J.H.Michell Medal by ANZIAM which acknowledged him as the most outstanding new researcher in the field of applied mathematics in Australia and New Zealand.

He came to the University of Wollongong as a lecturer in January 2003, and was promoted to senior lecturer in January 2005.

Research Interests:

Mark's general area of interest is in non-linear chemical dynamics. Mathematically, his research involves the application of bifurcation theory, continuation methods, dynamical systems methodology and singularity theory to practical problems arising in areas such as physical chemistry, bioreactor engineering, chemical reactor engineering, combustion and fire engineering.

Currently he is working on problems in the following areas

* Combustion (including combustion of polymeric materials and spontaneous ignition of compost heaps)
* Heterogenesouly catalysed combustion
* Bioreactor reactor engineering
* Chemical reactor engineering

Professional Activities:

I am:

* an associate member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.
* an associate editor of Chemical Product and Process Modeling.
* on the editorial board of the ANZIAM journal.
* on the editorial board of the International Journal of Food Engineering.


2004 J.H. Michell Medal
Awarded for being the most outstanding new researcher in the field
of applied mathematics in Australia and New Zealand by the
ANZIAM division of the Australian Mathematical Society.
2002 ``A Semenov model of self-heating in compost piles.''
This paper was awarded a `John A Brodie Deal: Certificate of Merit'
for being one of the top six papers published in the 9th Asia
Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineers Conference.
1997 Awarded an overseas fellowship by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Future Research Topics:

See my
Web Pages.

Research Students

  • Carl Ormerod : Controlled Release Drug Delivery Models- Polar Diffusion Problem