Engineering and Information Sciences


James McCoy

Current Positions:

Director: Institute for Mathematics and its Applications


James McCoy completed his PhD in pure mathematics in 2002 under the supervision of Klaus Ecker at Monash University. After completing post doctoral positions at the Australian National University with Ben Andrews and Neil Trudinger, in 2005 James took up an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship as part of a joint ARC grant with Ben Andrews. In July that year he moved to the University of Wollongong, combining a lecturing position with his ARC research grant.

Research Interests:

James is a 'geometric analyst' whose main research interests are questions related to curvature driven heat-type flows of hypersurfaces. Such questions include long time existence of globally constrained curvature flows, formation of singularities (where the curvature becomes unbounded) in curvature flows and extension of classical flow solutions beyond singularities using a 'surgery' procedure. Such analysis relies heavily on techniques from differential geometry, partial differential equations and topology.

Professional Activities:

James is a reviewer for Math Reviews and a member of the Australian Mathematical Society and APESMA.

Research Students

  • Yanqin Fang : Gradient Flow of the Dirichlet Energy for the Mean Curvature of Closed Surfaces
  • Yuhan Wu : Gradient Flow of the Dirichlet Energy for the Curvature of Plane Curves