Engineering and Information Sciences


Caz Sandison


Born in Kiama, NSW, then raised in Chile by Australian parents I ended up somewhat culturally confused. Even so, I studied Years 9-12 by correspondence from USA in three years. On return to Australia, I completed a BMath at UoW in the standard three years, but also took three (part-time) years to complete a Diploma of Education! (Obviously learning comes slower with age.) During these latter years, I worked as Professional Officer in the Department of Mathematics at UoW and subsequently as Associate Lecturer with an emphasis in Administration and Teaching--my obvious strengths. In 1995 I commenced studies towards an MSc(Hons) but later converted to a PhD (1997). I finally submitted my PhD thesis in June 1999 entitled "A Tale of Three Varieties" and graduated in June 2000.

Research Interests:

Topological Groups
Varieties of Topological Groups
Mathematics Education


Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching 1998
Finalist in the Australian Awards for University Teaching 1998