Engineering and Information Sciences


Danny (Sutanto) Soetanto

Research Students

  • Chixin Xiao : Predictive Control for Uncertainty Optimisation in Distributed Smart Grids
  • Obaidur Rahman : Integration of Renewables, Storage Devices and Electric Vehicles into the Future Power Grids
  • Sumaiya Hasan : Detection, Analysis and Mitigation of Voltage Sag/Swell in Renewable Energy Rich Power Grids
  • Safdar Rasool : Energy Storage to Improve Power Quality and Reliabilty in Microgrids
  • Ashib Rahman : Grid Integration of Distributed Energy Resources using magnetic linked converter
  • Arian Zahedmanesh : Impact of Electric Vehicles in Power Grids Considering Reliability and Power Quality Constraints.
  • Ghulam Mohy-ud-din : Energy Storage for Improving the Flexibility and Resilience of Power Grids with Renewables
  • Md Nafiz Musarrat : Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Based Hybrid Remote Area power Supply Systems
  • Viet Thang Tran : Distributed Energy Storage for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Applications
  • Kaveh Sarrafan : Improving Energy Storage management Systems in Electric Vehicles
  • Hadi Lomei : Emergency Control for Catastrophic Disturbance in Future Power Grids
  • Prabha Ariyaratna : Distributed Generation for Energy Harvesting in Distribution systems using Hybrid Energy Storage