Engineering and Information Sciences


Farzad Safaei

Current Positions:

Chair of Telecommunications Engineering, University of Wollongong


I graduated from the University of Western Australia with the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) and obtained my PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from Monash University, Australia.
Currently, I am the Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Wollongong. Before joining the University of Wollongong, I was the Manager of Internetworking Architecture and Services Section in Telstra Research Laboratories.

My achievements with respect to research commercialization include:
Founder and CEO, iSee Video Collaboration Pty Ltd ( specializing in scalable multiparty video communications.
Co-founder of Spatial Voice Corp specializing in 3D voice communication technology, acquired by Dolby corporation in 2007.

Research Interests:

iSee Video Collaboration Technology
iSee is a new Video Collaboration technology which uses real time video and spatial audio in a 3D immersive environment to provide group interactions for two to hundreds of participants. See for more details.

Optimisation of multiple cameras for capturing a scene
I have proposed a new mathematical model for characterization of cameras, called the correspondence field of cameras. The correspondence field is a vector field that can be used to optimize the arrangement of cameras (their location and orientation) with respect to the dynamics of the scene.

Free Viewpoint Multimedia
Free Viewpoint Multimedia may be the basis of the next major development in television after digitization. The desired scene, such as a football match, will be captured by a number of cameras arranged around the scene. The viewer is then free to select any arbitrary viewpoint, which will be synthesized from the information obtained by the cameras.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET)
My research (in collaboration with two of my PhD students) includes design of better wireless channel models, more effective clustering algorithms and better routing algorithms for VANET.
In addition, I have developed the concept of Transport Commons, which is a generalization of the concept of car-pooling for a public transport system.

Body Area Networking - Smart garments using carbon nano-tube yarns
The ability to use massive antenna arrays embedded in garments to provide ambient and low power wireless communications in and around body. The antenna elements are built based on carbon nanotube yarns.

PowerWINDow: A scalable wind power generation system
PowerWINDows has a unique modular design, where the movement of blades is translational with respect to wind, as opposed to rotating blades of current wind turbines. This decreases induced turbulence in the vicinity and wake of the turbine and results in reduced structural stress on neighboring units. It also enables modular extension of the plant, improves manufacturing and installation, and reduces operations costs.

Professional Activities:

Successful bid for establishment of three Cooperative Research Centers (CRC) in Australia (Smart Internet technology CRC, Desert Knowledge CRC, Smart Services CRC).
Program Manager of Smart Internet Technology CRC, responsible for ~$30M Research projects across five universities in collaboration with 4 industry partners.
Managing Director of ICT Research Institute 2008-2013 with 40 research staff and around 100 PhD students.
Director, Emerging Networks and Applications Research Lab, University of Wollongong, current.
General Chair, IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 2014, Sydney.
General Chair, Australian Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference - ATNAC 2004.


Winner of NSW top award in ICT R&D in 2012.
Winner of Australian National iAwards in R&D category, which is the top award in Australia for ICT innovation 2012.
Winner of Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) in ICT R&D amongst 14 participating nations from the Asia Pacific region for development of iSee video collaboration technology.
Recipient of a Medal of Honour from Telstra for my contribution to the design of Telstra┬┐s Internet infrastructure.

Future Research Topics:

My research interests include multimedia communications, immersive multimedia, free viewpoint TV and advanced wireless communications, especially for smart garments.

Research Students

  • Shichao FU : Light Field Acquisition for Free-viewpoint Video.
  • Jiaman Li : In-Band Full Duplex Communications for Cooperative Wireless Networks