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Gilpin, A., Collette, J. C., Denham, A. J., Ooi, M. K. J. & Ayre, D. J. (2017). Do introduced honeybees affect seed set and seed quality in a plant adapted for bird pollination?. Journal of Plant Ecology, 10 (4), 721-729.
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Gilpin, A., Denham, A. & Ayre, D. (2017). The use of digital video recorders in pollination biology. Ecological Entomology, 42 383-388.
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Gilpin, A., Ayre, D. J. & Denham, A. J. (2014). Can the pollination biology and floral ontogeny of the threatened Acacia carneorum explain its lack of reproductive success?. Ecological Research, 29 (2), 225-235.
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Denham, A., Auld, T., Ayre, D., Forrest, C., Gilpin, A., O'Brien, E. & Roberts, D. (2013). Research and conservation initiatives for the vulnerable Purple-wood Wattle: a model for plant species conservation in Australia?. Australasian Plant Conservation, 21 (3), 22-24.
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