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Aguilar, L. A., Roberts, D. G., Minchinton, T. E. & Ayre, D. J. (2015). Genetic differentiation in the barnacle Catomerus polymerus despite migration across a biogeographic barrier. Marine Ecology: Progress Series, 524 213-224.
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Bicego, V. (2013). Aboriginal art and environmental agency: examples and lessons from Dharawal country. In D. Curtis & L. Aguilar (Eds.), Linking Art And The Environment: Proceedings Of The First Ecoarts Australis Conference, 12-13 May 2013, Wollongong, NSW (pp. 88-99). Wollongong: EcoArts Australis Inc.
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O'Brien, E. K., Aguilar, L. A., Ayre, D. J. & Whelan, R. J. (2010). Genetic tests of the isolation of rare coastal dwarf populations of Banksia Spinulosa. Australian Journal of Botany, 58 (8), 637-645.
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